Come one, come all! It’s our favorite time of year! The temps are steady, the scarves are out and it’s officially pumpkin-spice season (you’re excited, don’t lie). We know you’re not ready to pack up the shorts and tanks just yet, and here’s the great news — you don’t have to! Want some more great news? The DIY Street Festival is back for another great year of music, food, drinks, and artistry! If this Michigan weather doesn’t deceive us, it looks like this year might be the best yet! Warm and sunny without a raindrop in sight (yeah, we do weather predictions too, in case you didn’t know). Don’t skip out on this much-anticipated festival, because you will be sorely disappointed if you do — it’s free, so we won’t accept excuses. The taps will be cold, the music will be loud and the streets of Ferndale will be packed with life for nearly three days this weekend starting Friday, September 25th at 6:00 PM and ending on Sunday, September 27th at 11:00 PM. Even if you can’t make it in time for the main event, The Loving Touch will be hosting after parties on Friday and Saturday night, which are free before 11:00 PM, featuring special guest artists that will have you partying all night long. So seriously, no excuses.

For information on specific start/end times, the music lineup, vendors, and maps visit

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Now that you’re psyched for the weekend, onto what we do best—your 2015 Detroit Proud Playlist: DIY Edition! Bands will be playing on the Chevy Main Stage on E. Troy Street between the WAB and The Emory at varying times over the weekend. We don’t want to spoil all the fun for you guys, so here are a few artists you can expect to jam out to this weekend:


Friday, September 24th

1. PONYSHOW – “Yeah, My Ears

A fun pop-punk group with a marvelous sense of humor and equally marvelous artistic vision. PONYSHOW channels upbeat, indie rock with a splash of alternative for good measure. The vocals are simplistic and free of anything fancy that might mask their edgy personalities. Thick and melodic guitar riffs coat each track, while the rhythm section trails to perfectly complement the dynamic. The quick changes in range, tone and tempo brings an exotic and entertaining vision to what they’ve created. Check out PONYSHOW on Friday at 8:15 PM.

2. Racehorses are Resources – “Weirdly Deeply (vocals by Nick Cicchetti)

(credit: exactly hitops © 2015)

(credit: exactly hitops © 2015)

Highly experimental and unique in their approach, Racehorses are Resources’ EP 2 is stuffed to the brim with heavy synth, nonsensical vocals, and just a bunch of really interesting sounds all crumpled together. It’s definitely in a category all its own, considering how difficult it must be to place each sound effect and guitar riff in just the right spot to get this abstract piece of art. We can’t quite place our finger on any type of genre (maybe that’s the point?), but if you twisted our arm and forced it out of us, we’d guess somewhere between dark ambient and free improvisation. This group is on a whole ‘nother level and it’ll be worth your time to experience it for yourself. You can catch Racehorses are Resources on Friday at 9:05 PM.


Saturday, September 25th

3. Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men – “Whiskey Blind

Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men are a festival staple around Detroit. Their homegrown, Americana is something sparse in this scene, where indie rock and experimental music-making are easy to come by. This group radiates authenticity and soul in their tunes, which almost always features a phenomenal horn section (our kryptonite). You can’t listen to Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men without getting a gleam in your eye and skip in your step. The lyrics are charming and quirky and Dillaha’s voice is perfectly suited for their alternative country sound. There’s nothing corny or superficial here, just great down-home twang. Don’t miss these guys on Saturday! They’ll take the stage at 3:50 PM.

4. Warhorses – “Burning Desire

(credit: Camille Rose Garcia)

(credit: Camille Rose Garcia)

If you’re in the mood for some slow-roll, hard rock. Warhorses will be bringing all that and more to this year’s festival. The intensity of their music mashes effortlessly with their more trance-like qualities that make this an easy, yet rugged listen. Muffled guitar licks and incessant, rhythmic drums rev up the energy, while the vocals and bass runs maintain their dark and smooth luster. Ambient sounds can be found scattered about each track, but for the most part, you’ll be trancing along to some tasteful, dark rock that may bring out your inner demons. Let loose with Warhorses on Saturday at 8:45 PM.

Sunday, September 26th

5. The Beautiful Gorgeous – “I Know We’ve Changed

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Deep and emotional. The Beautiful Gorgeous reminds us of those bands we used to love so much when we were angsty and sad all the time (oh, was that just us?). You know, the band that really helped you through that breakup? Yeah. That’s these guys! A reminder of the beloved band you will always have on a mixed-tape somewhere in your room, except now you can have them in-person at DIY! Rolling guitar riffs that tug at your heartstrings and reverberating vocals with extremely relatable lyrics that bring back some type of nostalgia you didn’t know you had. The track is calm and brooding, but eventually explosive and epic. You won’t want to miss this group, so head out on Sunday and catch them on stage at 1:45 PM.

6. Tart – “Buzz”

(photo credit: Cybelle Codish and album design: Courtney Foyt)

(photo credit: Cybelle Codish and
album design: Courtney Foyt)

Femmelectro might be the most wondrous musical descriptor we’ve ever heard. And it comes as no surprise that femmelectro is exactly what Tart embodies. Their recent release, These Are Not Love Songs, is dark and ominous with a distinct danceability. The vocals are dramatic and theatrical, while the melodies and rhythms are reminiscent of some type of Halloween freak-show. This release is perfect new wave and glam with lots of synth and muddy guitar. So go ahead and let your inner freak loose with Tart on Sunday at 5:10 PM.

7. Deastro – “Logic Revolt

An electronic, dance artist with a spacey and reverberating sound is what you get with Deastro. Having played DIY festivals in the past, his solo set will be something you won’t want to miss. As you can tell from his track, the beats are hyped up and intense, with raggedy ambient tunes thrown in for good measure. The spaciness of this music is exactly what most ravers are looking for and we’re sure you’ll enjoy his unique take on this favored genre, so don’t miss it! Deastro will be taking the stage at 8:10 PM on Sunday.


The Loving Touch After Party

8. Gosh Pith – “Waves

(credit: Tony Katai)

(credit: Tony Katai)

At a time when it seems like sexy music is hard to come by, Gosh Pith grinds onto the scene with their recent EP, Window. An impeccable collection of smooth beats that will have you grooving along. The vocals are airy and washed out to give that flawless, dreamy feel. An almost tribal beat rides under silky synth-fills and at times, you’ll be surprised by complimenting guitar riffs. It’s easy to get into each track as you move through their EP, which makes it an anytime-anywhere type of record.

9. Ancient Language – “Sky Opens Up

(credit: Zachary Jarvis)

(credit: Zachary Jarvis)

If we could have a soundtrack that played incessantly as we went about our normal, daily activities, Ancient Language’s Folk Songs would be our first pick. The soundscape on this July release is beyond imaginative, it’s downright resplendent. Songwriter Christopher Jarvis lays out a beautiful and expansive scene for us to dream, relax, inquire and just be. Each track tells a hidden story that only the listener can decipher, which makes listening to Ancient Language even more fun, because you become part of the landscape. We don’t know what Jarvis intended with this release, but we’re lost in its complexity and ambience. If you’re looking for an instrumental and soft-electronic tune to get you through a rough week, this is for you.

10. Nigel & The Dropout – “Pulled Over, Pulled Under

If you’re looking for an album that offers variety and excitement — look no further. Nigel & The Dropout offer up a completely unique listening experience with their May release, Folderal. A thirteen-track kaleidoscope of sound and experimentation. Nothing is as it seems when you’re listening to these tracks. Electronic beats dive in and out of each song, sometimes swallowing a track whole and leaving you with a breathtaking instrumental experience, while other times you will be pleasantly surprised to fall into an indie rock prelude that moves you into alternative, dance territory. This duo really knows how to hit the musical sweet spot with their potpourri of genres. It’s hip, it’s intriguing—it’s Nigel & The Dropout. No other explanation needed.

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The next time you hear from us we’ll be bouncing around DIY! So come hang out with us in Ferndale this weekend!