Can you guess which superhero show bested “Gotham”, “Arrow”, “Agents of Sheild” and “Daredevil”? According to Screen Junkies’ guest panel it’s none other than The CW’s “The Flash”.

Citing how light-hearted and fun the show is, the amount of source material used and how well it’s all pulled off, ran away with these critics and experts’ top spot.

“That show introduced time travel, a multiverse and a talking gorilla. And it was all cool.” said Inman.

The panel included actor and Upright Citizen’s Brigade performer Jason Wayne Christian, critic at large for The Nerdist, Kyle Anderson and David Inman, host of DC All Access.

The CW got some more love with “Arrow” as the third best of all the panelists’ rankings.

“In the first season we watched it to drink and make fun of it,” said Christian. “Every episode they would fix the problems that they had, not just by writing but in the context of the show,” he added admitting he eventually was watching it unironically and was a legitimate fan.

“Gotham” came in last ending up on the bottom of two of the panelists’ lists. Christian wouldn’t put it on his list at all.


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