Starting in 2010 The Great Lakes Comic Expo has been running strong for six years. “We’ve got event for kids, as well as comic books and collectibles for adults” says event promoter Mike DeSantis. Mike promotes four comic events a years and the popularity continues to increase. Mike feels that the popularity of the comic book based movies with main stream audiences is helping to keep the comic industry alive. With this new found interest in comics, young fans are now starting to jump on the comic book train.

“Spiderman was my favorite comic book character as a kid.” Says Mike and he credits his love for the character as the reason he began to love to read. Mike believes that comic books are a great way to get kids into reading and to really develop a love for reading, as they did with him. The event had no shortage of excited kids and adults just ready to get their hands on more comic books, collectibles, and toys.

Artist, enthusiast, and even comic book writers welcomed the chance to talk to the Street Team. New CW50 intern Akiem, showed his spirit by dressing up as the Flash and joining in with the fun and festivities. Overall it was a great event that the street team enjoined taking part in.


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