Host Lisa Germani learns about mental health issues from Flinn Foundation Executive Director and CEO Andrea Cole.

Then the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Carmen McIntyre, discusses treatment options and issues for people with mental illnesses.

Next, Naveed Syed, the CEO of Quality Behavioral Health in Detroit discusses mental illness and substance abuse issues.

Finally, Tom Constand, the Vice President, Development & Marketing for the Brain Injury Association of Michigan; and Dr. Charles Seigerman, a leading neuropsychologist and expert on the issue; explain some of the concerns facing those with brain injuries.

For additional information about mental illness in children and teens, please see the fact sheet provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority 24-hour Help Line is 800-241-4949.

  1. That was a lot of quality info and a lot of repeated things that I’m glad people are beginning to take better note of. This applies twice as much for early intervention. Early intervention is the key to building any sort of foundation for progress moving forward in handling brain injuries efficiently.

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