"Don't fail this city. Vote Josh Donaldson ..." reads Amell's Facebook cover image.

After the first All-Star Game voting results were released showing basically the entire Royals team on top — The CW’s “Arrow” star Stephen Amell rallied his fans to vote for Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson. They responded in a big way narrowing the vote gap from 1.6 million to 32 thousand in one week.

Monday the latest results were posted showing Donaldson AHEAD by 1.4 million votes. For you non-math whizzes out there that’s a 3 million vote swing.

“Don’t fail this city. Vote Josh Donaldson as your starting AL 3rd baseman,” reads Amell’s Facebook page as he puts the pressure on with a nod to his character’s commitment to Starling City on “Arrow”.

Before the latest vote tally even came out he rewarded his fans loyalty with a promised home run he hit out of Rogers Centre.