By Maria Benjamin, CW50 Intern

Rachel Bloom is the leading lady in CW50’s new fall show CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND.

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Bloom is a writer on Adult Swim and has an amazing voice that she showcases on her Youtube channel. She became a Youtube star with her funny and sometimes #nsfw (not safe for work) videos. Don’t worry.  She’s odd, but all that you’ll see here is totally safe for work.


I wish I was a pop star, actually I think I’d rather be a mermaid. -MB

Her video about finding someone to watch the Tonys with her was super funny but very #nsfw. You should defiantly check it out, it’s worth a look.

Knowing how to crochet is no joke. It takes so much time to make something so small. -MB


If you have the chance, always go to Disney. It’s not “the most magical place on earth” for nothing. – MB


I hope this is a start of a new trend, like the whole cupcakes instead of a cake at weddings. There should always be pinatas at weddings. – MB


These dogs are rather well behaved for being dressed up. I once put a bonnet on my cat and she did not approve. -MB


Weird, I wonder what dictionary they use because gaydar is totally a word. -MB


I can’t really think of anyone who would turn down a letter to Hogwarts. Where are all my Hufflepuffs at?


Hahaha ha no. I don’t know what she was thinking. There is no way I’d want to eat a bug. -MB


Check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this fall!

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