Success is not about who succeeds first, but who succeeds best!

The annual Hour Detroit: “Best of Detroit” party took place this past weekend. The show featured over 30 of the best restaurants in the Metro Detroit area who were selected by Hour Detroit’s readers. Guest enjoyed performances by Ben Sharkey, Jared Sykes, DJ Captn20 and DJ Prevu.

The event benefited the GIVE Detroit Challenge, an effort to help better the city.

“This event is really a culmination of our June issue…which features the best restaurants, shops, retailers, everything,” says Hour Detroit Marketing & Events Director Lauren Slete.

Watching as many of the city’s very best gathered in one room to showcase why they deserved to be labeled as the best was amazing. From Korean dishes to delicious cupcakes and from rib tips to lobster macaroni, there was something there for everyone to enjoy. When Street Team member Sydney B. asked local business owner of Doc Sweet’s Candy Company, David Sklena, about how delighted he was to be at the event showcase, he couldn’t help but call this opportunity an absolute honor.

This affair was one for all to remember. With plenty of food, delicious desserts, and high volume energy from everyone, this party was surely one of a kind.

Robin Barnes, guest of the party, described the event as  “OMG…Oh my God!” Which was the consensus as another guest, Chris Campbell, described the party in three words, “sumptuous, spectacular, and terrific!” He even created a new word to combine the three for the over all tone of the party, “scrumsalischious!”

The CW50 Street Team enjoyed celebrating the best about Detroit, and we can’t wait to see what next year’s event has in store!


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