By George Fox

From his trailer somewhere in New York City on the set of TMNT 2, Stephen Amell recorded a very important message for his fans.

Being a Toronto native and a Blue Jays fan, Amell is taking issue with a lack of his team’s players set to start in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Here’s the link Amell shared to vote, but feel free to change all other positions to Detroit Tigers.

He’s specifically targeting his best prospect — Royals third baseman Josh Donaldson who as of Monday was about 1.6 million votes behind.

“The Kansas City Royals have eight players starting in the All-Star game, which is preposterous. Josh Donaldson by any measure whatsoever should be starting …” said Amell in a Facebook video posted Tuesday morning.

The 1.6 million votes might seem like a lot, but with Amell’s 3.7 million Facebook likes it’s not impossible. He encouraged his fans to use each of their 35 votes. The way the ballot works it’s fairly quick to put your repeat vote in 34 more times.

If Donaldson gets on the starting lineup Amell promises to do a four-part Q+A. He may invite Donaldson himself as a guest, who before today probably never knew he had a celebrity ally.

Watch Amell Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on “Arrow” on CW50. Watch the season 4 pull forward to get ready for the premiere this fall.

If you decide to vote for Donaldson, you can still vote for Detroit in the rest of the positions (like I did). Tigers’ slugger Miguel Cabrera is the closest to making the starting lineup.