Have you ever wanted to be “Greek for a day?” Well you are in luck if you visited the 2015 Ya’ssoo Ann Arbor Greek Festival this past weekend.

When CW50 Street Team member Courtney Bennett asked the St. Nicholas GREEK SCHOOL Dancers if you had to be Greek to attend the festival they quickly cheered “Nooooo!” Every one is welcome they said.

“Greeks are very loving and passionate people so when you come here you will be embraced by the love and the passion of the culture and the faith” explained a member of the older St. Nicholas GOYA Dance team.

Most everyone agreed that the food and dancing were the best parts of the festival.

“It’s a little taste of Greece really” says Pericles Chiatatlas, Co-chair of the festival. He also explained how the festival brings all cultures together for people to see a bit more of the Greek culture and understand it a little bit better.

The CW50 Street Team truly got the feeling of being Greek for the day and can not wait to see all our Greek friends next year at the 2016 Ya’ssoo Ann Arbor Greek Festival! Until then, OPA!



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