Girls on the run is a youth organization with the mission of motivating and encouraging girls. The CW50 Street Team got the chance to join the organization along with volunteer, schools, and numerous girls for their annual 5k. Walking along the 3.1 mile course in Ann Arbor, street Team member Krystle Anderson met some very motivated girls and their supporters. Carma Roesch, a participant from Chelsea school district, has been participating with her kids for several years. “We’ve had about 25 girls each year, 3rd through 5th grade. This year we have seven coaches… It’s just been a great great program for us.”

Mehki Nunn expressed how proud he was of his sister and friend who participated in the event “I’m glade of these two because they put all this effort and strength to sign up for Girls on the Run.” Cedric Clark spoken about the importance of young girls being motived by their fathers and how important it is for young girls to have that male influence in their lives. He trained and run the race with his daughter to show his support.

The event was filled with fun smiling faces as everyone celebrated for the girls and their families. Being confident, health, and active are just some of the things learned from this event. This organizing through this event and its volunteers work to build strong girls now to grow into confident women in the future.


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