The idea is simple. Cats love chasing a laser pointer — so a big cat might as well.

Thanks to a video produced by Big Cat Rescue based in Tampa, Florida — now we all know.

When the cat is twice as big, the effect must be double hilarious right? Whenever I get the cat chasing the laser, they seem like they’re half annoyed. I’m not sure if this is a good idea with a large predator, but the mental picture of a lion or tiger chasing a laser pointer will soften the facade of the most hardened soul.

Beside a the serval cat at the beginning of the video, which is one of the smaller “big cats”, who plays just like a housecat — it turns out the lions, tigers etc … don’t seem to care. While you’re at it, check out the big cats enjoying catnip.

Maybe if they had a giant laser pointer resembling a gazelle or a zebra they might have gone for it.

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