The week’s playlist jumps back and forth between the old and the new, the nationally-known and the local-loves, to give you a taste of everything…check it out!

The White Stripes – “In the Cold, Cold Night”

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The White Stripes iconized garage rock. One of the biggest bands to go from literally their garage to international stardom, The White Stripes will forever be one of Detroit’s most notable groups. Their minimalist style and cutting guitar riffs are what captured the hearts of millions.  Check them out here!

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells – “Keep Your Hands Off My Man”

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells play a sweetened pop-rock in the tune of the 1960s, but then spice it up a bit with that classic Detroit grit. “Keep Your Hands Off My Man” is a song that captures the heart and spirit of a tenacious female rocker. Check them out here!

The HandGrenades – “Wish You Cared”

The HandGrenades have won our hearts with their memorable melodies and breathtaking harmonies. The band has been steadily playing shows around metro Detroit and are currently in-studio recording a new full-length – we can’t wait to hear what’s next! Check them out here!

The Summer Pledge – “Suspended by Sunbeams”

With a name like “The Summer Pledge,” you’d expect nothing but upbeat melodies wrapped in a summery atmosphere, right? Well, that is kind of exactly what you get. Check them out here!

The Paper Sound – “Broken Smile”

The Paper Sound continue to impress us, with their impeccably-paired guitar riffs to upbeat rhythm and harmonizing vocals. Check out more from them here!

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “James Dean”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. creates a sound with elements ranging from new wave-danceable tracks to ‘80s alternative to folk-rock. It’s powerful, catchy, and has made them a star across the country. Check out what’s next here!

The High Strung – “The Lifestyle That Got Away”

The High Strung gives you a perfect blend of rock harmonies and poppy undertones. And let’s not forget that Josh Malerman’s vocals are a treat to be heard. Check out more from them here!

Hounds Below – “Xx”

With a reinvented indie-rock sound, the Hounds Below (though now disbanded) was Jason Stollsteimer’s (from legendary Detroit garage rock band The Von Bondies) sophomore project. He’s currently putting his heart, along with a few members from The Von Bondies, into a new project, PONYSHOW. Check them out here!

Eminem – “Without Me”

Eminem has been a controversy since his start in the music industry…but he’s right, we do need a little bit of controversy. We love him for his audacious lyrics and uninhibited personality.  Check out more here!

The Sights – “Left Over Right”

The Sights’ lead guitarist and vocalist, Eddie Baranek, and bassist Mark Leahey have been playing music together since the age of 13. Since 1998, The Sights have released five albums – all which combine traditional rock with a ‘60s pop-flair. Check them out here!

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Who’s your favorite act with Detroit ties?