Formed in 2005 in Ann Arbor, indie folk-rock band The Ragbirds have released 7 full-length albums, and have performed in over 45 states to a tune of 150+shows a year! Talk about a busy schedule!

The band is led by energetic, multi-instrumentalist Erin Zindle, and The Ragbirds are known for utilizing an array of different instruments from around the world. They create a sound that’s a fusion of folk-rock and pop-hooks, all poured over danceable world rhythms – stirred with a Celtic fiddler’s bow. USA Today even said about the band, “Highly impressive!” with their “Astounding international eclecticism.”

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Some of the instruments you’ll hear in the hook-laden poppy folk-rock are: violin, mandolin, accordion, banjo, congas, table, djembe, timbales, bongos, and of course, guitars, bass, and drums. The Ragbirds are certainly set far apart from the other sounds you might hear in the Detroit music scene.

The band is currently on a U.S. tour to support their upcoming album release that’s due out this year – and something interesting about the group…in 2008 they replaced their aging touring van with a Ford E-350 diesel van that they converted to run on waste vegetable oil. They’re as passionate about the environment as they are about their music!

We thought we’d pick our favorite tracks from The Ragbirds’ catalog and devote this week’s Detroit Proud Playlist to these eccentric and multi-talented rock stars.

Check them out below!

From the 2007 album, Wanderlove

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1.    “How Can I Say?”
2.    “Brave New Beat”
3.    “Ypsilanti Song”

From the 2012 album, Travelin’ Machine

4.    “Learn To Shine”
5.    “Silence Is Everywhere”
6.    “Acrobats”

And from the 2013 all-live album, We Belong to the Love

7.    “We Belong to the Love”
8.    “The Bully”
9.    “Lucky Rhythm”
10.    “Panoramic Camera”

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To find out more about The Ragbirds, or to check tour dates, visit their website here!