Artist and tattoo enthusiast from all over North America gathered this weekend at the Detroit Renaissance Center to partake in seminars, compete in live tattoo competitions, buy the latest gear for their shops and lets not forget the one key thing… TATTOO!

“When you come to a convention like this you get to see artist that you wouldn’t run into normally, people that you really look up to, people that are doing something totally different that you could imagine so it’s super inspiring” says Kelly Doty, a visiting tattoo artist.

“Some people drive BMW’s but we drive tattoos” explains Michael Colombe, an attendee of the expo. Colombe has been coming to this convention for four years now and he just loves it because it’s like a big family where he gets to see all his friends.

“There are so many great artist here,” says Kaitlin Sanders who the CW50 Street Team bumped into as she walked in for her second session of the convention. She said this session would finish up her already ten hour-long tattoo that started Friday. “Just five more hours,” says Sanders.

Large or small, black or color, old school or new school, there was no limit to the creativity possibilities that were showcased at the 20th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo. Who knows what next years convention will spark. Could the CW50 Street Team be drafting up some ideas for next years convention? Looks like you will have to stay tuned for next years convention to find out!


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