This week’s playlist revisits some old favorites…and introduces a few new faces to our Detroit Proud Playlist to get your week started off right. Check them out!

Wolfshark – “Fireproof”

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The angry American rock ‘n’ rollers, Wolfshark, are a band of souls looking to find their way into everyone’s hearts. They want to make you feel things you’ve never felt. The four-piece rock group are currently working on a full-length EP, Finding Yourself, which is due out this Spring. Hear the song “Fireproof” here!

Boys of Fall – “Under My Skin”

Alternative punk-pop rock band Boys of Fall are taking over the Detroit music scene with their clever and catchy lyrics, two-part harmonies, and delicious guitar riffs. The boys have been making their hopeless romanticism pop-rock since 2012, and plan for more this year. Check them out here!

Six and the Sevens – “All Your Life”

Six piece group Six and the Sevens take power pop to the next level with buttery waves of three-part guitar melodies and infectious harmonies, delivering a hook-filled rock with a tastily pop finish. Check out more from them here!

800beloved – “Everything Purple”

Alternative indie punk-rock meets a dreamy, shoegaze pop with 800beloved. The band has been recording for over 7 years, and released their debut album on Valentine’s Day in 2009. Since then, they’ve released 4 more albums and have performed live all over Metro Detroit. Find out more from them here!

Casual Sweetheart – “Dark Summer”

An all-girl, feminist rock band from Detroit, Casual Sweetheart make a boundary-pushing blend of psychedelic punk and avant-garde garage rock that is utterly encased with originality and spunk. They foster creative expression and camaraderie among feminists in Detroit. Check out more from them here!

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The Oscillating Fan Club – “Gone Are The Faces”

A group of goofball rockers, The Oscillating Fan Club are definitely serious about their music – even if one of their song’s names is “George Washington’s Teeth.” It’s surf-rock meets psychedelic punk-rock, and it’s entirely intoxicating. Check out more from them here!

TART – “Lobbyist”

Okay, okay, so TART is a bit of a Detroit Proud Playlist veteran, but that’s only because we are so proud to see this dynamic duo come from Detroit. Zee and Adam make sweet, sweet music with perfectly balanced out vocals and bellowing guitar, and we just can’t get enough. Find more from them here!

PONYSHOW – “Yeah, My Ears”

From the former members of Detroit rock band The Von Bondies come PONYSHOW. Since their start late last year, PONYSHOW has already stomped their presence into the Detroit music scene, with performances in many local venues around town – most recently, last weekend’s Hamtramck Music Festival. Check out more from them here!

The Amino Acids – “Coaxial Fludder”

With influences from classic hard rock bands like Black Sabbath and The Ventures, The Amino Acids make that muddy guitar and thick bass rock n’ roll, layered in a surf-rock vibe for a sound that’s truly all their own. Check out more from them here!

George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus – “Stardust”

Eccentric and completely original, George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus make a dark, glam-rock meets synth-pop, with the catchy and simplistic lyrical style The Beatles once captured. Add in stylized vocal talents from George Morris, and the result is nothing short of remarkable. Check them out here!

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