So, every year, an unforgettable show that celebrates the great music that Detroit has to offer takes stage at one of Detroit’s iconic music venues. It’s called DETROITxDETROIT and it’s back for its fifth year running. Local bands and artists will showcase their terrific talent by playing as another Detroit artist or band, to prove – once again – why our music scene is UNLIKE any other.

Over a dozen acts will take the stage at the Magic Stick for a night of amazing live music – drenched in our iconic Detroit atmosphere. Each band or artist will play a 3-song set, of the Detroit band or artist of their choosing. What’s even cooler? All of the proceeds will again go to a special scholarship at School of Rock to benefit a future Detroit rock and roller!

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DETROITxDETROIT V will take place this Saturday, February 21st at the Magic Stick in Detroit. And as we all know, the Magic Stick will be converting to an all-electronic dance music venue soon, so make sure you catch this show with some of Detroit’s best rockers before that happens! Doors are at 8pm and it is an all-ages show!

To get you in the spirit beforehand, we’ve dedicated this week’s playlist to some of the performing acts you’ll see at the 5th annual DETROITxDETROIT! See who will play as who below!

1. Nina & The Buffalo Riders
…as The Bob Seger System – “Highway Child”

Nina & The Buffalo Riders

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

Nina & The Buffalo Riders are a wailing blues band, filled with nothing but soul…it should come as no surprise that they’re going to take the stage as The Bob Seger System. Find more information about Nina & The Buffalo Riders here!

2. Escaping Pavement
…as Stevie Wonder – “I Was Made To Love Her”

Escaping Pavement

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

Escaping Pavement plays classic Americana on the rocks with a splash of folk. Both Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz were teen guitarists obsessed with roots music, and after meeting at an open mic night, they’ve been inseparable ever since. Let’s see how they handle the soul of Stevie Wonder. Find more information about Escaping Pavement here!

3. The Normandies
…as Mayer Hawthorne – “Back Seat Lover”

The Normandies

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

An alternative folk band, The Normandies will take the stage as Mayer Hawthorne for DETROITxDETROIT V. The band loves earthy organic music and their sound is a folky pop-rock…it will be interesting to see how they pull off Mayer Hawthorne. Find more information on The Normandies here!

4. The Social Bandits
…as Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – “Come See About Me”

The Social Bandits

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

As their name suggests, The Social Bandits are indeed outlaws destined to be the avengers and champions of rock ‘n’ roll justice. They play classic rock ‘n’ roll with doses of blues mixed in, so it makes perfect sense that they’ll take the stage as Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. Find more information about The Social Bandits here!

5. Jesse Shepherd-Bates
…as Daniel Zott – “Living A Lie!”

Jesse Shephard-Bates

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

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Jesse Shepherd-Bates is known around town as a vocalist/guitarist of The Satin Peaches, and a vocalist/guitarist of The HandGrenades. This Saturday, he will take the stage as another rockin’ Detroiter, Daniel Zott, who you may know these days as half of the duo that comprises Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.. Find more information about Jesse and The HandGrenades here!

6. Six and the Sevens
…as Edwin Starr – “War”

Six and the Sevens

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

Six and the Sevens are a Detroit-style power-pop band that brings infectious rock ‘n’ roll to an unforgettable three-part harmony pop-rock. They’ll be serving the stage that night as Motown soul singer Edwin Starr, and we can’t wait to see what they do with those sweet harmonies! Find more information about the Six and the Sevens here!

7. The Landmarks
…as The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”

The Landmarks

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

Influenced by The Strokes, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, The Smiths, and David Bowie, The Landmarks play their own brand of indie-rock. It’s poppy, but edgy enough to still rock. Don’t miss them cover one of the biggest Detroit garage rock bands, The White Stripes, this Saturday. Find more information on The Landmarks here!

8. The Bruised Reed
…as Rogue Satellites – “Blue Skies Don’t Care”

The Bruised Reed

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

The Bruised Reed is a female-fronted indie pop-rock band, led by husband and wife team Josh and Kirsten Wheeler. The music is fuzzy and ragged when it wants to be and contemplative and slow, too. At DETROITxDETROIT V, The Bruised Reed will play as the Rogue Satellites – a local intergalactic synth-rock duo. Find more information about The Bruised Reed here!

9. School of Rock
…as Ted Nugent – “Stranglehold”

School of Rock

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

The students of the School of Rock, a performance-based music school in Michigan, will perform as Ted Nugent – the classic Detroit hard rock ‘n’ roller. Find more information about School of Rock here!

10. Mike Galbraith
…as Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On”

Mike Galbraith

(credit: Melissa Rowe)

A singer and songwriter, Mike Galbraith plays his own blend of alternative country, that’s laced in Americana and folk-y roots. He will be performing as Marvin Gaye this Saturday, and we’re excited to see which iconic songs he chooses to cover with his sultry vocals. Find more information on Mike Galbraith here!

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To see the complete list of acts that will play this year’s DETROITxDETROIT V, or to purchase your tickets in advance, click here! Also, be sure to use the hashtag #DETxDET and you might be featured in the DETROITxDETROIT social media round-up!