Ready, set, go! Detroit Proud Playlist is back this week with a rocking list of some of our favorite Detroit local musicians and bands. From punk rock to experimental electronica to classic rock n’ roll, there is something for every music lover in this playlist…

Check it out!

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Shigeto – “Tide Pools”

Shigeto is not only his pseudonym, but also a tribute to the Japanese side of Zach Saginaw’s family. Shigeto plays vividly vibrant and beautiful electronic music. It’s beat-driven and richly textured, check him out here!

The Walking Beat – “In The Den Of Crystal Palace”

The Walking Beat play a jazzy-indie glam rock. They’ve been steadily making music and playing local shows for some time now, and this spring, their debut LP “Introducing The Walking Beat” is due out! Check them out here!

Almost Free – “Nothing Left”

Almost Free has been making the sweet sounds of rock and roll for over 10 years in the Detroit music scene. Their style is unique and their lyrics are provoking and original. Check them out here!

Touch The Clouds – “It Is Ours”

Founded in 2012 between four friends, Touch The Clouds is an alternative indie-rock band. It’s pretty and easy listening rock, with big echoing vocals. Check them out here!

The Blue Flowers – “You & I”

Led by a husband and wife songwriting duo, The Blue Flowers play a noir-drenched sound of Western-rock, sprinkled with bubblegum pop – with a surreal and atmospheric haze of reverb. They began recording in 2008 and have been non-stop ever since. Check them out here!

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The Paper Sound – “Empty Chest”

Fresh off the release of their newest album, Trajectories, The Paper Sound is quickly becoming a local favorite among indie bands in the scene. Their sound is reminiscent of old Americana – think Neil Young, but then drenched with modern power-pop. Check them out here!

The Summer Pledge – “Wonder”

Light and breezy, like a summer day, The Summer Pledge play an alternative rock with touches of jazz, funk, and soul. Their hooks are catchy and their guitars riffs are dancing. Check them out here!

The High Strung – “Point Of View”

Everyone in the Detroit music scene has heard of the goofball rockers in The High Strung…aside from having their song “The Lucky You Got” star as the theme song for the hit show Shameless, The High Strung have also been known to put on a fiery live show. Check them out here!

Deastro – “Logic Revolt”

Considered a genius at his game, Deastro makes “space symphonies” of electronic dance music, with beautiful melodies and beats that will get even the most stubborn on the dance floor. Check him out here!

The Sound Logic – “Days Ago”

Inspired from 1960s and ‘70s classic rock n’ roll, The Sound Logic make music that sounds like it could be from a different generation. They drench it in southern rock and blues to make it a sound that’s really all their own. Check them out here!

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Which Detroit band or artist is YOUR favorite? Tell us in the comments and we might feature them in one of our Detroit Proud Playlists!