For those who have followed our weekly playlists, or for those who just love local music and the rich history behind it, you know that our city has been the starting point for many, many internationally and critically-acclaimed bands and artists.

Of course, when someone thinks of our local music, their mind might automatically think of Motown, or perhaps Eminem…we sometimes forget about the little gems that fall between the cracks. But as David Frickle, one of Rolling Stone magazine’s most notable senior editors, once put “You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad!”

…And that brings us to this week’s playlist. Grand Funk Railroad, sometimes also referred to as just Grand Funk, is an American blues rock band that was on the top of the rock and roll game in the ’70s. They’ve toured sold out arenas all over the world. The band gets their name as a play on words from the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, a railroad line that ran through some of the members’ home town in Flint, Michigan. (Yes, yes, we know – Flint is a little ways from here in Detroit, but we’re making a special Detroit Proud Playlist exception this week).

Originally a trio, the band formed in 1969 and received their first big break the Atlanta Pop Festival that year. It wasn’t long after that the band was signed to Capitol Records. With the success of their raucous and high energy rock set, they were asked to come back and play at the second Atlanta Pop Festival the following year.

The instant success of Grand Funk Railroad was not “beginners luck.” Their first album, On Time, went on to sell over one million copies and was awarded a gold record in 1970. After that, the band had a collection of hits throughout the 1970s, released over 12 full-length studio albums, and are still considered one of the best rock bands of all time.

So, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s playlist to those chart-topping hits from our hometown rockers. Check them out!

From their sophomore album, Grand Funk (1969)…

Grand Funk


1. “Got This Thing On The Move”
2. “In Need”

From the third studio album, Closer To Home (1970)…

Closer To Home


3. “Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother”
4. “Aimless Lady”

From the fourth studio album, Survival (1971)…



5. “Country Road”
6. “I Want Freedom”

From the fifth studio album, E Pluribus Funk (1971)…

E Pluribus Funk


7. “People, Let’s Stop the War”
8. “I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home)” – BONUS TRACK

From the seventh studio album, We’re An American Band (1973) – which was also their most critically well-received album then, and still today considered their best album…

We're An American Band


9. “We’re An American Band”
10. “The Railroad”

There you have it – our top ten picks for Grand Funk Railroad’s best hits. To find out more about Grand Funk Railroad, click here…what is your favorite GFR track? Leave it in the comments!


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