This week on Street Beat host, Paul Prange talks about Music Charities and Therapies.

First up, Paul talks to Roger Fachini of Charity Music of Michigan.  Charity Music collects used musical instruments, repairs and re-habs them, and gets them into the hands of under-privileged kids so that they, too, can experience the benefits that playing a instrument gives.

Next, Paul talks with Chris Collins from The Detroit Jazz Festival.  The Jazz Fest has a charitable arm that partners with Detroit Public Schools and sends premier jazz musicians into schools to teach kids the music and performance skills of the top jazz performers.

Then, Paul chats with Jill Woodward from Michigan State University’s Community Music School.  CMS brings music to students ranging in age from infant to young adult to senior citizen and everything in between, and bridges the gap for school districts whose budget constraints force cuts to music programs.  CMS nurtures music skills, knowing that those skills ultimately transfer to many other areas in life.

Finally, Blythe Filar of Children’s Hospital joins Paul to talk about her experience as a Music Therapist and how music helps soothe children, motivate them, and help them through difficult procedures.

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