Thousands of families and volunteers gathered to fight childhood cancer at the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk this weekend.

Participants split into teams to walk three miles around Lakeside Mall in Shelby Township.

The CW50 Street Team and the Flash joined the walk and took photos with volunteers and participants alike. Overall the event was for a great cause and the people who helped out felt good doing it.

“Getting involved in an event like this gets you out, gets your family doing fun things and it’s a great time,” said Chelsea Maralson, a member of team Girls Gone Walking. “We’re giving thanks to everything wonderful and this is such a wonderful organization to be a part of and to help out with.”

The weather was rough in the morning, but plenty of people drove through the freezing rain just to be there.

“The alarm went off really early this morning, but when you get here and see all of these families out here in support of St. Jude it warms your heart,” said event coordinator Mairin MacDonald. “It makes you feel like what you’re doing has a purpose.”

“It feels good and it brings a new perspective to life once you’re truly involved with it,” said Tracey Lee. “You hear these stories and once you’re deeply involved, it feels like it hits home every time.”

This wasn’t the only St. Jude Give Thanks Walk going on at the time. The entire organization held multiple walks around the nation.

The Street Team is glad to help out and spread the word of such a noble cause. They look forward to participating next year as well.




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