Sometimes it’s hard to pick only 10 artists out of the whole Detroit local music scene…and sometimes it’s not. These 10 bands and artists have definitely earned their spot on the Detroit Proud Weekly Playlist, time and time again, because of their unique style, dedication, and overall greatness.

They’re on the verge of something huge, and we’re so proud that they’re from our shining city…check them out!

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TART – “Snitch”



One of our favorite new groups to come out of the indie Detroit music scene today, TART is smart, sinister, and nothing but edgy. With powerful female vocals from Zee Bricker and unique guitar riffs from Adam Michael Lee Padden, their sound is weighing heavy on us and it’s infectiously addicting. Check them out here!

The Walking Beat – “Your Holy Ghost”

The Walking Beat


The Walking Beat has a foundation of songs ranging from hard-hitting rockers, to poppy glam, to country-western tracks. The one thing that holds consistent, is the group’s simple yet gritty raw energy of rock and roll. Check them out here!

Sugar Baron – “Periodic”

Sugar Baron


With Motown influences, but a modern twist, trio Sugar Baron play a beat-driven experimental electronic rock-pop. It’s chill, dreamy and danceable. They’ve been on hiatus since early this year, but we’re still enjoying jamming this track in the meantime. Check them out here!

The HandGrenades – “Easier”

The HandGrenades


With catchy hooks and three-part harmonies, The HandGrenades play a youthful, energetic indie pop-rock. Since forming in 2008, the band has released 3 full EPs and have toured all around the Midwest. The band is working hard on their next project, currently writing and recording tracks for a new record! Check them out here!

The Summer Pledge – “Magnets”

The Summer Pledge


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The Summer Pledge has since parted ways, but their music still lives on as one of the greatest local bands in the Detroit music scene. Their music was fun and lively – like a summery day, but incorporated a funk groove and jazzy tone. Check them out here!

Emily Rose – “Too Many Years Old”

Emily Rose


Talented singer-songwriter Emily Rose has been writing music since she was only a teenager. Currently with two releases under her belt, she boasts a few Detroit Music Awards. Her style is an indie-folk, with beautiful harmonies and uplifting rhythms. Check her out here!

Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers – “I Got Eyes For You”

Jimmy Ohio and the Ultimate Lovers


Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers call their music new wave blues, we call it awesome. It’s an easy bluesy rock, with spicy vocals from Jimmy Ohio – sometimes it’s hard to remember they’re from this decade! Check them out here!

George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus – “This Is Final”

George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus


George Morris has been writing music for years, performing in his bedroom. He spent many years performing solo, and with a few other projects, before creating the group George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus. With the addition of three more members, on drums, keys, and bass, the sound has bloomed into a full orchestrated electronic glam rock. Check them out here!

Jamaican Queens – “Kids Get Away”

Jamaican Queens


The Jamaican Queens are nothing shy of an eclectic, funky group. They breathe originality and their music is no different. It’s a balance of trap pop and Detroit rock, but with their own unique spin on it. Check them out here!

Deastro – “Logic Revolt”



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Immediately smacking you in the face with poppy beats, Deastro creates a sparkling electronic dance sound. It’s fast-paced and sprinkled with distinctive interlays of magical synths and beats. Check them out here!
Who is YOUR fave Detroit artist?