It’s the time of year for haunted houses, hayrides, and costume parties…and this Halloween season, Detroit Proud is highlighting one of the ghoulishly grooviest parties in town – Creepy Cheapy Halloween Treat at The Crofoot in Pontiac! Share the Halloween spirit with more than 15 bands on three stages along with a packed costume-clad crowd…TONIGHT!

Bands will be in full costume, rockin’ out live cover songs from your favorite artists. Expect to hear Nirvana, The Spice Girls, Elton John, Blink 182, & MORE all night long! Detroit Proud caught up with one of Creepy Cheapy’s organizers, Phreddy Wischusen, to learn more about this wicked party…

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Creepy Cheapy


Tell Detroit Proud readers who are new to this event what it’s all about!

Imagine you could see your favorite band of all time, before the hip replacement, before the burnout, when they were fresh, and hot and full of the spirit.  When their music meant something to them. When it was urgent and raw. When it wasn’t about all brown M&Ms, or whatever.  The Crofoot’s Creepy Cheapy Halloween Treat 6.66 (Round up to 7 if That Makes You Nervous) places some of metro Detroit’s best performers in the skin of their heroes.  Local bands, not only dress up their favorite acts and play their songs, they bring these legendary performers to life.  For $5, you can see over 20 of your favorite acts just a few feet away.

What can we expect from this year’s performers?

The show has become very competitive, each act trying to outdo the others, try to outdo their own performances from the year before, sometimes rehearsing for over six months just to play this one show.  Expect something explosive.

Is there an artist or band you’re dying for someone to cover that has yet to perform?

Marvin Gaye. I’m not sure anyone could do the man justice.  It’s not simply a question of talent — there’s a spiritual imperative inherent in the task.

Is there a memorable performance that stands out from previous Creepy Cheapies?

Shardonnay’s performance as Beyonce shocked me last year.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure an indie singer from Romeo, Mich., was going to be able to bring it when I booked her, but I took a shot. She brought it and then some — dancing, singing, and #trueFierceness.

What are some of the best costumes you’ve seen over the years?

There have been so many amazing costumes over the years, but my two favorites have to be tall blonde girl folk musician Caitlin Drinkard dressed as Hulk Hogan (she actually used a lock of her own golden tresses to make the Hulk’s mustache) and her sister Bonnie Drinkard, who appeared as “Sexy” Colonel Sanders, complete with powdered hair, a goatee, and heels that would intimidate Beyoncé!

Creepy Cheapy


What makes Creepy Cheapy such a great event?

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It’s a celebration of our own creativity. Bands learn they, too, have the power of their idols in their core.  Attendees see not the macabre of the changing season, but how the failing sunlight is a blessing that allows us to look within, into our depths of our imaginations, and see all the glory of our creative power.  By celebrating creativity, music, and access, over death and blood, we chart a course for winter that inspires rather than depresses.  Plus, it’s a great way to dance to music that doesn’t always get played in the club.  And who doesn’t like to DANCE!

How many songs does each artist perform?

Each performer has a 30-minute set.  If a band were covering the Ramones, they could play 15 songs in that time; the bands performing as rock stars from the apex of FM radio, such as Led Zeppelin for instance, whose songs were much longer, only have time for a few monumental hits.

Is there a lineup for each stage so we know where to find each performer?

Everyone will get handed a schedule and map when they arrive at the venue that lists all of the bands and their set time. Furthermore, there will be periodic announcements over the PA.  That being said, any room you wander into should be a blast.  I say keep the map in your pocket just in case your cell phone dies and you need to write down the digits of a charming stranger you meet at the party – but just flow with the night and try to check it all out!

How has the event evolved since the first year?

The first year started with just four bands covering other bands in the Pike Room (one of the complex’s smaller rooms). As the years have gone by, we have added more and more acts.  This year, over 100 individual musicians and DJs will be performing with almost 30 different unique acts in 4 rooms and on the patio.  We’re even adding something new this year.  Every year, we’ve had DJs on the patio to entertain feverish dancers as they cool off in the crisp autumn air.  For the first time this year, we’ll have a live band in the mix on the patio, FFT performing as The Knife.

Creepy Cheapy


Any spooky extras concertgoers can expect?

FREE CANDY! The only thing spooky about that is the high fructose corn syrup.  If that doesn’t scare you, ask your nutritionist/dentist.

How would you encourage someone who doesn’t usually go out for Halloween to attend Creepy Cheapy?

Creepy Cheapy is different than your run of the mill Halloween party.  First of all, it isn’t an objectification contest.  The focus of most attendees’ costumes is creative and artistic rather than sexy or trendy.  The talent of the performers is unparalleled in the region, you simply won’t find so many amazing musicians playing in one building one one night anywhere else. Additionally, because our region’s musical heritage is so diverse, so is the line-up.  There is literally something for everyone: Stevie Wonder, Blink 182, Nirvana, Drake, and the Spice Girls just hint at the musical variety.

Where can we find out more information about the concert and pre-sale tickets?

Visit, or call 248.858.9333

2014 Creepy Cheapy Halloween Treat

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Don’t miss Creepy Cheapy 6.66, TONIGHT at the Crofoot in Pontiac! Five bucks for 30+ acts? You can’t afford to