The Street Team is used to seeing the Flash at their events, but this weekend they got to meet plenty of other heroes and villains at the Great Lakes Comic Con.

At Comic Con, fans of all shapes and sizes come together. Some are clad in homemade costumes,  while others might just want to take photos with their favorite character. Be it a hardcore fan or somebody who has never even picked up a comic– they’re always welcomed with open arms.

“It’s like coming home,” said balloon sculptor Tim Thurmond. “I love these kinds of events and you never know what people are going to be dressed as. You can see some really cool, creative fun costumes.”

Some notable costumes the Street Team spotted were Master Chief from the Halo series, Deadpool and plenty of Rocket Raccoons.

“It’s nice seeing a lot of people come together,” said Matthew Kastely.

Kastely came to the event clad in a Rocket Raccoon costume, sporting face paint, dual blasters and a sapling named Groot.

“I ran into Scarlett Witch and Doctor Doom,” Kastely said. “It’s nice, it makes you feel like you’re an intergalactic family.”

Although the Great Lakes Comic Con wasn’t the biggest convention around, it still brought quite the crowd.

“Small conventions are not dead,” said vendor Leo Guemero. “This is really the backbone about how to reach out to the fan. And it’s nice to see a good turnout and good showing of people who come out.”

Most importantly, the comics, costumes and pop culture let the fans do what they love– become immersed and do the impossible.

“Comics are a way to get away to a different world for a little while,” said Benjamin Young.

“[I feel] a bit like a kid again,” said Dennis Haysmer. “Just being able to go back to action figures and super heroes and things like that. It’s nice to pass it along to a younger generation.”

The Street Team and the Flash are glad to be a part of the comic experience and look forward to the next Great Lakes Comic Con.


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