Detroit is filled with many different types of musicians. We have traditional rockers, garage rockers, experimental electronic, punk rock, dance-pop, techno…the list can go on and on. One thing that remains true though, is the passion behind every musician and band – they put their whole hearts into their music, and that’s what sets Detroit musicians apart from many other cities.

Check out some of our hometown heroes below – there’s a little bit of everything!

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Five Pound Snap – “Easy”

Five Pound Snap


Five Pound Snap calls themselves a “groove rock band” from Detroit. Well, it’s definitely true – this four-piece band plays a psychedelic-bluesy rock, with a gritty-Detroit grunge rock over top. Check them out here!

Flint Eastwood – “Perfect Match”

Flint Eastwood


An upcoming sensation, Flint Eastwood has quickly captured the hearts of the masses – and it’s not stopping there. With their indie dance-pop tunes and catchy lyrics, they’re on their way to something big. Check them out here!

Jamaican Queens – “When You Sleep”

Jamaican Queens


Jamaican Queens keep it unique. Their style is unlike anything else you’ll hear in the Detroit music scene…they call it trap-pop. It’s a blend of electronic melodies and danceable beats, and it’s infectiously addictive. Check them out here!

The Sound Logic – “I Got Ya”

The Sound Logic


The Detroit rockers and duo The Sound Logic play that traditional rock and roll. Their sound could be mistaken for a group from the late sixties or seventies – with memorable and fuzzed-out guitar riffs and thumping drums. Check them out here!

The Summer Pledge – “Suspended By Sunbeams”

The Summer Pledge


The Summer Pledge can sound different from song to song…some are slower, with a more indie-alternative rock sound, some are hard-hitting funk rock, and some are silky-smooth groove rock. They’ve since disbanded, but we still love listening – check them out here!

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The HandGrenades – “A Heart Like Yours”

The Handgrenades


Carefree, upbeat, and beautiful three-part harmonies capture the soul of The HandGrenades. With four releases out since their start, The HandGrenades have been focusing on touring and writing new music – and like what came before, we only expect greatness. Check them out here!

The Paper Sound – “Find Your Voice”

The Paper Sound


A spunky, indie rock band from the outskirts of Metro Detroit, The Paper Sound blend together pieces of Americana and alternative rock. The result is a power-pop rock that’ll leave your head bobbing and hips swinging. Check them out here!

Jet Rodriguez – “So Calmly By The Door”

Jet Rodriguez


Super groovy and years beyond their age, Jet Rodriguez play a psychedelic, bluesy-rock. A four-piece band, their songs are excellently put together, with spacey guitar solos, harmonic vocals, and memorable lyrics. Check them out here!

TART – “Snitch”



This may be the best duo to come out of Detroit this year. It’s electronic pop-rock – and it’s edgy, clever, and catchy. Check them out here!

Siamese – “Mass Production”



A new-wave electronic group, Siamese also incorporate post-punk and grunge elements in their sound, making it a unique combination. This track is actually a cover of Iggy Pop’s 1977 song. Check them out here!

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Who is YOUR favorite local act?