Question: A split second decision can make a difference while driving, but how do you learn what to do before it happens? Answer: TeenDrive365! Sponsored by Toyota, TeenDrive365 teaches not only young drivers how to be safer on the roads but also teaches their parents on today’s driving challenges.

TeenDrive365 is a program that sets up multiple hands on driving courses and classes that both teens and their parents go through to face some of current challenges of the road. “Our goal is to help save lives. We’ve got a 2.5 hour free defensive driving program and we’re trying to make a difference” said Karen Polan, Community Affairs Manager for Toyota.

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These courses allow teenagers and parents to learn how to react in a safe controlled environment and “to get behind the wheel and start to develop basic skills that are going to make them safer, smarter, drivers out on the road,” explains John Estupiuan, a Professional Driver.

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Frank Pastor, a father of one of the teen drivers, was very excited about TeenDrive365. “It makes [parents] a better coach because that’s what you have to be when you get in the car with your kid – is a better coach.”

Andrew Daily, a teenager preparing for his driver’s test, said he found the course helpful. “Just being able to deal with these types of situations before it would actually hurt me,” Daily said. “I know what I need to do before [an accident] would actually happen.”

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The CW50 Street Team knows that all of the teenagers and parents involved in today’s TeenDrive365 will leave with a handful of tips leading them to a safer journey on our roads.