This week on Street Beat, host Karen Carter takes a look at how an Autism diagnosis affects families and where those families can go for some much-needed support.

First up, Karen chats with Rich Ansell and Scott St. Clair, the co-chairs of the Walk Now for Autism Speaks fund-raising walk that is coming up later this month.  Rich and Scott talk about why this walk is important, how it helps support Autism research and support families of children with Autism, and how viewers can get involved.

Then, Karen talks with Angelina Mayer about what it’s like to get an Autism diagnosis for your child, how a family manages this issue, and the value of the support that Autism Speaks provides.

Karen’s next guest is Dr. Lesley Hendershot of Beaumont Hospital’s Center for Human Development.  Dr. Hendershot focuses on the statistics of Autism, some of the myths that are circulating, and where the newest treatments are heading.

Finally, Karen is joined by Keith Malec of Friends of Jacob.  Keith is the founder of this organization that provides grants for schools and local families, so that children with Autism can have access to the latest treatments, and best therapies, and can achieve the best outcomes in managing Autism.

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