CW50 is gearing up for the 2014 DIY Street Fair this weekend! The DIY Street Fair was originally thought to be cancelled due to unavoidable road construction, though (thank goodness!) it looks like things took a turn for the better – because they are “GAME ON” for this weekend, September 12th through the 14th!

We’re celebrating by dedicating this week’s playlist to some bands and artists that will be performing live during this weekend’s festivities. For a complete set list and times, check out the DIY Street Fair website here!

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Since its start in 2008, The DIY Street Fair has been a free (that’s right, FREE) 2-day, 3-night event that takes place in the streets of Ferndale, Michigan. It celebrates local artists, crafters, businesses, groups and organizations, musicians, restaurants, food trucks, brewers, and others in a fun, event-filled weekend extravaganza.

Don’t miss all the fun – starting this Friday, September 12th, in downtown Ferndale – and get in the DIY spirit with a sneak preview of some acts coming your way this weekend:

Electric Graffiti – Friday at 6:00pm

Electric Graffiti


What started after a sixth-grade talent show and spawned into an all-girls punk-rock band, Electric Graffiti has quickly become one of Detroit’s most exciting bands since their start in 2010. Check out more from them here!

George Morris – Friday at 9:00pm

George Morris


George Morris is no stranger to the Detroit music scene…but today, he’s known for his foursome, George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus. They’re an arty-glam-pop-rock, and apart from George’s own lively stage presence, the whole group is there to put a show on for the audience. Check them out here!

School Of Rock – Saturday at 12:00pm & Sunday at 12:00pm

School Of Rock


We’re excited to see School Of Rock on the bill for this year’s DIY Street Fair. The group hitting the stage this weekend will be the school’s “house band” – a group, made up of 13-17 year olds, that “are role models both on stage and at school,” said Eddie Baranek, the school’s music director (and also member of Detroit band The Sights). The group will play a variety of notable covers in a “thought out, unique rock and roll experience,” Eddie said. Don’t miss it! For more information, click here!

Little Animal – Saturday at 1:45pm

Little Animal


Little Animal is an electronic duo, comprised of a singer and a producer. Together, they make innovative, unique, and most importantly, catchy, songs that have enough rhythm and beat to make anyone dance. They’re just starting off, but we can see big things for them! Check them out here!

Passalacqua – Saturday at 7:50pm



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Passalacqua is an experimental indie hip-hop/rap duo. The pair has been going strong now since early 2000s and have released eight albums – plus, they’ve also been on the bill for countless shows around Metro Detroit. Check them out here!

Jamaican Queens – Saturday at 9:45pm

Jamaican Queens


Jamaican Queens play an electronic trap-pop. It’s definitely a unique combination of eccentric sounds, but it pulls together into full, beautiful harmonies and melodies. Check them out here!

Escaping Pavement – Sunday at 3:05pm

Escaping Pavement


Escaping Pavement is an Americana-folk band, which started with two teenage guitarists, Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz, obsessed with roots music and classic rock and roll. Today, the now-four-person group describes their refined sound as “Americana on the rocks with a splash of folk.” Check them out here!

American Mars – Sunday at 4:40pm

American Mars


American Mars play traditional rock, and in a town often dominated by garage and punk, the band has persevered for over a decade with its unique brand of atmospheric roots-influenced rock. They’ve released four full-length albums in that time and have no plans to stop now. Check them out here!

Sister Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Sunday at 5:40pm

Sister Of Your Sunshine Vapor


Sister Of Your Sunshine Vapor has morphed from a hard-charging garage-blues band into an atmospheric, electrifying psychedelic rock band. The band has also opened their own recording studio, Space Camp Studios, where they record their own albums as well as those of other local bands. Check them out here!

Deastro – Sunday at 8:40pm



Deastro plays a unique, fast-paced electronic dance music. It’s hard to pin the music to any one category of electronic music because each track is so unique, but one thing that can be said is that it’s memorable. Check him out here!

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Who are you most excited to check out this weekend? Tell us in the comments!