This week on Street Beat, host Jill Washburn covers Back-To-School issues. First, Jill talks with Heather Ballien, who is the principal of Great Lakes Cyber Academy, and Cade Norton, a high school junior at the virtual school. They discuss the options and advantages of virtual schooling and what students would be good candidates for that type of program.

Then, Jill chats with Teri Donaldson from the Futures Foundation, and Kathy Sweeney from Oakland University, whose organizations have paired up with actor Joey Travolta, to offer an innovative program to teach film-making skills to developmentally disabled people, and train them to work in the film business.

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Next up, Wayne State Information Officer, Rasheda Williams, joins Jill to talk about their policy of reducing tuition for senior citizens, and how that situation benefits the seniors involved, the university, and the other students on campus.

And, last, Jill talks to HR Block agent, Jennifer Owens, about the tax breaks that every college student (or parent of a college student) should know about, and should be using to maximize their tax savings.

Street Beat: Back-To-School Seg 1Street Beat: Back-To-School Seg 1

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