Smooth grooves and hard-hitting rhythms filled the streets of downtown Detroit as world-renowned musicians performed  at the 2014 Jazz Fest, last Friday. This was the 34th annual Jazz Fest held in Detroit.

“It’s the largest jazz festival in the world,” said Gary Cendrowski. “It’s huge. It runs from Campus Martius all the way to the Detroit River.”

The event brought together more than 100 musicians from all over the world, meaning there was plenty of musical variety.

“You got hard jazz, you got acid jazz, you got mellow jazz, you got pop jazz,” Cendrowski said. “It’s just great stuff.”

“The smooth melody gets you in that calm mood,” said Shaina Martin. “It’s really mellow. I like the vibe.”

The soulful music brought cool cats and jazz fans from across the nation. But music isn’t the only thing that brought everyone together.

“Food is the number one thing I’m looking forward to,” said April Campbell of Phoenix, Arizona. “And the music– But food is number one.”

“The weather is great, the food is good and the ambience is awesome,” Shiron Patterson said.

Needless to say, plenty of people had a good time.

“It’s such a wonderful event,” Tenesha Gary said. “My husband and I and friends come out every year and we really enjoy it.”

“It’s fun and it’s great for the city,” Greg Bouwhous said. “It brings a lot of people around.”

The Detroit Jazz Fest is annual, and The Street Team looks forward to busting out their jazz hands next year.






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