Tacos, burgers, pizza and pitas! Combine all these things and you have just a small taste of what went on at the 2nd annual Northville Food Truck Rally. Northville’s Ford Field was lined with food trucks from all over the area for people to come out and grab some grub with their friends and family.

“It’s really an opportunity for everyone to come down and try some things that you haven’t had or things that you love” says Scott Roberts, a founding member of the event.

So with that spirit in mind our very own CW50 Street Team member Scott Wolchek was on the hunt to help feed his hunger.  Scott got recommendations from attendees like Andrew Fosdick who was enjoying his pulled pork sandwich from the Detroit BBQ Company truck. Next, he ran into Casy Litz waiting to order a her very first Smash Cheeseburger and Scott couldn’t resist the temptation of getting one for himself. Let’s just say… he enjoyed every bite!

Food wasn’t the only thing featured at this festival. There was also a classic car show and live music to keep the rally going long into the night with smiling faces and happy belly’s.

The Northville Food Truck Rally stood strong for its second year and Scott and the rest of the CW50 Street Team can’t wait to go back next year to see what’s in store for round three!




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