Detroit Proud Playlist followers, we’ve searched high and low for the best of Detroit. This week, there’s a little bit for everyone. From electronic dream-pop to hard-hitting rock and roll, there’s a taste of all the sounds Detroit has to offer on this week’s playlist.

So, you know the routine…check them out!

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Sun Eagle – “Hope”

Sun Eagle


Sun Eagle is not your typical group. They’re eccentric and play an experimental-electronic sound. It’s ambient, spacey, and definitely “out there,” but it’s good listening. They’re lesser known around Detroit, but not for long…earlier this month, they played at the Imminent Disclosure Festival, alongside many national acts. Check them out here!

El Dee – “Heaven Help Me”

El Dee


With a voice that sounds like it belongs somewhere in the early 1900s, Lauren Deming and her close-knit group of friends that make up the group “El Dee” play a dark, yet joyful collection of passion-drenched, jazzy pop tunes. Check them out here!

Loretta Lucas – “Casanova”

Loretta Lucas


With a silky-smooth voice smothered in a melodic swirl of haunting folk and ‘60s pop, singer-songwriter Loretta Lucas dazzles her audiences with unique musical style and stage presence. Check her out here!

Siamese – “Where You End I Begin”



A sort of post-punk, new-wave electronic group, Siamese play a fast-tempo yet moody, dark alternative rock. A five-piece band, they sound like they could belong in the ‘80s. Check them out here!

The High Strung – “Half A Dream”

The High Strung


Crowning their music as “adventure rock,” The High Strung has had quite a successful run since their beginning in 2000. Their biggest break? Having their song “The Luck You Got” as the theme song for the Showtime show Shameless. Check them out here!

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My Pal Val – “Mind Over Matter”

My Pal Val


My Pal Val is a vibrant trio that fuses alternative rock, blues, grunge, and borrows from the ‘90s in all the right ways. The sound centers around edgy female vocals, creating a vibe that is 100% their own. Check them out here!

Javelins – “Flowers”



A spacey, shoegaze indie-pop band, Javelins have had their name all over Detroit. They’ve played at the Metro Times Blowout the last two years in a row (2013 and 2014), countless shows at local bars and venues, and they’re set to play Fallout Fest II this fall. Check them out here!

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad – “Cold Feet”

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad


Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, just like from Kill Bill. Except, instead of being assassins, they’re a group of high-energy rockers. This all-girl group has come together to play (in their own words) a “riotous concoction of psychedelic and punk that lingers in the depths of outer space.” Check them out here!

Le Voyage – “Hold”

Le Voyage


What started as a solo project from singer/songwriter Joel Sanders, using only his MacBook and a variety of instruments in his own studio, Le Voyage has quickly spawned into something bigger. The music has developed, expanded, and exploded into a wave of progressive rock, pop, jazz, and electronic music that will send you on a trip to the moon and back. Check them out here!

TART – “Snitch”



A new-wave, pop band, TART is a “yin-yang” duo made up of ex-Hounds Below member Adam Michael Lee Padden, along with the lovely Zee Bricker. Big, harmonizing vocals and deep-cutting guitar riffs make this band stand out from the rest. Check them out here!

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