The CW50 Street Team stopped by the Red Bull House of Art in Detroit’s Eastern Market to meet the artists of Cycle 8. The House of Art provides local artists with the tools and space to create a body of work as well as the incredible opportunity to showcase their projects to the public.

Every three months a new group of diverse artists is selected to be a part of the process. During their residency, each of the six artists selected is provided with 24-hour access to the building and any art supplies necessary. In working within the same space, the artists also have the opportunity to draw creative inspiration from one another.

The artists featured in Cycle 8 include Tiff Massey, Chad Davis, Tony Lee, Austin Brady, Rashaun Rucker, and Paolo Pedini. Matt Eaton, Director and Curator of the House of Art, was happy to see the progression with each new cycle. “Every round without exception illuminates new ideas and things and processes that we can put in place,” he said.

The House of Art’s Cycle 8 exhibit features a unique and thought-provoking assortment of art and showcases the amazing talent found right here in Detroit!


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