Hello, hello, Detroit Proud Playlist fans, we’ve got something pretty cool in store for you this week. How many of you have heard of the annual DIY Street Fair in Ferndale? Since its start in 2008, The DIY Street Fair is a free (that’s right, FREE) 2-day, 3-night event that takes place in the streets of Ferndale, Michigan. It celebrates local artists, crafters, businesses, groups and organizations, musicians, restaurants, food trucks, brewers, and others in a fun, event-filled weekend extravaganza.

This year, however, there was an initial road block – literally. Scheduled road construction for downtown Ferndale was going to coincide with the festival’s dates, and DIY regrettably had to cancel this year’s plans. It was such a shock to most die-hard local Metro Detroit music fans, as the DIY Street Fair is a highly-anticipated yearly event.

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Well, well…don’t let that get you down. This past weekend, the DIY Street Fair posted to their official Facebook page stating that now that the construction has been postponed…plans for DIY are “GAME ON.” That’s a big whoo-hoo!

To get the energy pumping for the 2014 DIY Street Fair, we thought we’d dedicate this week’s Detroit Proud Playlist to some of our favorite performers from last year’s DIY line-up. Check them out!

Oscillating Fan Club – “Shake Me Down”

Oscillating Fan Club

(credit: bellyacherecords.bandcamp.com)

The Oscillating Fan Club is a group made up of goof-balls, but don’t let that breed any negative thoughts surrounding their music. Their act and presence on stage may be silly and light-hearted, but these guys take their music seriously and it shows. A great mix of surf-rock meets psychdelica, check them out here!

Bars Of Gold – “The Hustle”

Bars Of Gold

(credit: barsofgold.bandcamp.com)

Bars Of Gold is an experimental, post-punk / indie-rock band. The band is a huge fan of Detroit and its surrounding music scene, stating the city itself as a huge influence onto their music style. They piece together catchy hooks with explosive guitar melodies. Check them out here!

The Sights – “You Are The Sunshine”

The Sights

(credit: thesightsarmy.com)

Raucous rock band The Sights have been together since 1998. Since then, they’ve released five studio albums and have toured all over the U.S., Europe, and Canada. In 2012, they were even lucky enough to tour the U.S and Europe with Tenacious D. Check them out here!

Thunderbirds Are Now! – “Eat This City”

Thunderbirds Are Now!

(credit: pitchfork.com)

The Thunderbirds Are Now! blend together a mix of post-punk and new-wave rock to create a sound that’s all their own. The band exploded after their 2005 sophomore release album, titled Justamustache, and quickly gained international attention. It had been several years since TAN! had performed live, so last year was a special treat! Check them out here!

Tunde Olaniran – “The Highway”

 Tunde Olaniran

(credit: tundeolaniran.bandcamp.com)

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Tunde Olaniran is a musical inventor – he eloquently blends together hip-hop with experimental electro-dance pop. The fresh, unique sound he possesses has already captured the hearts of many and his presence will only continue to grow. Check him out here!

Flint Eastwood – “Can You Feel Me Now”

Flint Eastwood

(credit: flinteastwoodmusic.bandcamp.com)

The only true way to experience all that is Flint Eastwood would be to see them live. Their sound goes from hip-hop to dance-pop, and from experimental indie-rock, with some western influences – in fact, they call themselves a “Spaghetti Western that was cooked in the ovens of Detroit.” Can’t make a live set? Check them out here!

Alexis – “Out Of My Head”


(credit: spotify.com)

Alexis is an experimental synth-pop duo from Detroit. Vocalist Matthew Forbush warns “If you’re uncomfortable with sensuality, it will make you uncomfortable.” Alexis creates alluring and enchanting synths of dark, yet uplifting electronic ballads. Check them out here!

Child Bite – “Smear Where The Face Was”

Child Bite

(credit: childbite.bandcamp.com)

Child Bite is a post-punk / art-rock band formed in 2005. Their lyrical content is abstract and metaphorical, and their sound has been described as “enormous and predatory, from the baleful rhythm section to frightening vocals.” Check them out here!

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells – “You Were Made For Me”

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells

(credit: blairealise.bandcamp.com)

An extremely talented Blaire Alise was offered a full scholarship to the Boston’s Berklee College of Music at the young age of 16! Aside from that, her band Blaire Alise & The Bombshells has taken over Detroit – with their high energy live performances and unique sound of ‘60s pop bleeding with Detroit edge. Check them out here!

Jamaican Queens – “Black Madonna”

Jamaican Queens

(credit: jamaicanqueens.bandcamp.com)

Jamaican Queens is an electronic-pop band that hails from the heart of Detroit. Their sound is ever-changing, ranging from glam-pop to trap to experimental indie-pop. They state their biggest musical influences are David Bowie, the Magnetic Fields, Three Six Mafia, and Morrissey. Check them out here!

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There you have it! And keep following the Detroit Proud Playlist for updates on this year’s DIY Street Fair and the 2014 line-up! Also, you can check out the official DIY Street Fair website and Facebook page here