Week after week, our Detroit Proud Playlist is dedicated to bringing you the best names in Detroit music – from local, up-and-coming bands to established artists. This week, we’re proud to bring you a list of some of our favorite hardworking, local Detroit acts, past and present.

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Electric Corpse – “Downstairs Apartment”

Electric Corpse

(credit: electriccorpse.bandcamp.com)

An alternative, indie-rock band with Goth undertones, Electric Corpse doesn’t miss an opportunity to make their name known in Detroit. Aside from their own set of shows around town, they also have their name on most local music festivals – including this past weekend’s Metro Times Pig & Whiskey. Check them out here!

The Hard Lessons – “Milk & Sugar”

The Hard Lessons

(credit: thehardlessons.bandcamp.com)

The Hard Lessons dabble in everything from indie rock to soul to blues…and even pop/rock. They have a variety of innovative sounds across their music catalog, though they’re most known for their high energy live performances. Find more here!

The Silent Years –”Someday”

The Silent Years

(credit: facebook.com)

An experimental indie pop-rock band, The Silent Years were most known for combining atmospheric layers of sound and poetic lyrics. They list Jeff Buckley and the Flaming Lips as their biggest inspiration. Check them out here! (Though The Silent Years are now defunct, you can catch TSY’s Josh Epstein currently on tour with his new outfit, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr!)

Javelins – “Flowers”


(credit: javelins.bandcamp.com)

A danceable punk-rock mixed with a synth-filled shoegaze atmosphere, Javelins capture the most of their sound by incorporating compelling bursts of emotion and layered tempo changes. Check them out here!

Warhorses – “Rumble Seat”


(credit: warhorses.bandcamp.com)

A heavy, dark trance-inspired band, Warhorses captivate audiences with a perfected balance of retro-indie rock and psychedelica. Tempestuous, elusive, and utterly hypnotic, they’re out to challenge all of what a rock band can be. Check them out here!

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Characteristics – “Gender Bender”


(credit: characteristics.bandcamp.com)

Characteristics are always surprising us with their music. They’re a group that’s hard to pin to any one category, as they’ve played and perfected almost each of them. They range from danceable pop/rock, to grungy garage rock with a psychedelic flair, and even a synth-based electronica. Check them out here!

The Amino Acids – “Explosive Heads”

The Amino Acids

(credit: facebook.com)

Their goal for each live performance is utter chaos, and they capture that quite well with their energetic and uninhibited stage presence. The Amino Acids play “instrumental surf-rock” – whatever that means – but what we do know, is that their sound is anything but ordinary! Check them out here!

Lettercamp – “Oh Well”


(credit: lettercamp.bandcamp.com)

Lettercamp is an electronic-pop-dance band that drives high energy and demands attention. They’re in a “holding pattern” right now, but if you’re able to catch them live, you will be blown away with lights, projections, silhouettes, and enough sparkle and vigor that’ll make you dance your problems away. Check them out here!

The Raconteurs – “Steady, As She Goes”

The Raconteurs

(credit: wikipedia.org)

Deemed a “Super-group” by many, The Raconteurs was a short-lived side project Jack White started in 2005. Their chart-topping hit “Steady, As She Goes” made them an unforgettable group and a world-wide known name. Find more from them here!

The Kickstand Band – “Summer Means Fun”

The Kickstand Band

(credit: thekickstandband.bandcamp.com)

One minute you’re dancing around to an airy, lighthearted indie-pop tune, the next you’re head-banging to a funked-out rock jam. The Kickstand Band expertly captures all genres and loves to experiment with new sounds. Check out more from them here!

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