Attraction to “bad guys” has been a thing forever and the latest incarnation is brought to you by Jeremy Meeks, a Northern California man arrested on felony weapons charges. His chiseled features have gone viral drawing more than 60,000 likes to the photo on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

The recent sensation of the handsome mug shot has some swooning. Hey, wait a second. Doesn’t that guy look like somebody familiar? Those high cheek bones, bald head, stubble and piercing eyes are shared by Lincoln a Grounder from “The 100”. They both have a thing for weapons. We’re not saying anything about the actor Ricky Whittle who plays Lincoln. He seems like a totally nice guy and we’re happy to see he’s coming back for season two.

Beside their features, they both have elements of mystery and danger.

(credit: Stockton PD)

(credit: Stockton PD)

What do you think? Okay, they’re not doppelgangers. Yes, one is a fictional character and one is a real person, but dreaming about hooking up with a guy in a mug shot is fantasy too right?

Is there a resemblance — or are we just crazy? Sound off in the comments.


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