What exactly does it mean to be a steampunk? The CW50 Street Team visited Steamtopia to find out! Held at the Double Tree Hotel in Dearborn, the event brought together local and traveling ‘steampunks’ for a convention dedicated solely to the culture. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that features costumes designed to incorporate and resemble steam-powered machinery. With a “do it yourself” mentality and emphasis on imagination, steampunks take pride in being a part of such a strong community.

“This is the fifth year of Detroit’s Steampunk Convention, and the community here is really fantastic”, said Chicago-based Steampunk Musician Joe Vourteque.

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From costume contests and games to food tasting panels and live music, the event offered something for every fan of the genre. Those looking to add to their steampunk wardrobe could purchase clothes and accessories from one of the many booths set up at the convention. CW50 Intern Maria Benjamin had fun being fitted for corsets and trying on fancy hats.

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Steamtopia also featured several well-known artists, authors, and steampunk models. The Street Team’s Jennifer Buhaj talked with Thomas Willeford, a writer and artist. “I make props for television and movies and I’ve written a couple of books on how to create your own props”, Willeford said.

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The CW50 Street Team had a great time learning about steampunk culture at Steamtopia!

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