If you’re familiar with SUPERNATURAL, then you know Castiel played by Misha Collins. You might not know that he hosts a yearly online scavenger hunt that encourages silliness.

The hunt is called GISHWHES, short for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen. Collins and his team create a list of items which participants must then try to complete to gain points. Some are simple and some are hard, others take lots of imagination. A few such items included releasing the Kraken and having a Japanese tea ceremony in an elevator.

GISHWHES is such a large scavenger hunt that it holds the world record for largest media scavenger hunt with 14,580 participants. Last year’s hunt broke two additional records, longest chain of safety pins and largest online photo album of hugs.

Misha Collins held an event in Canada as a part of GISHWHES. He invited participants to bring safety pins. They then created the longest chain of safety pins measures 1,901.8 m (3,582 ft 0 in) on 15 August 2013.

Guinness announced that the new world record for largest online photo album of hugs is 108,121 photos for the campaign ‘GISHWHES Hugs The World 2013!’, which took place from 11-18 August 2013.

Here is one of the pictures I submitted.


#1 “GISHWHES Hugs the World!” We are going to break the Guinness World Record for the largest online photo album of people hugging. The current record is 69,004. Every hug image is worth 3 points and your team can earn up to 300 points. If everyone on your team submits 5 hugging images, that’s an easy 225 points! 300 POINTS

You can check out the entire album on the GISHWHES website.

It was a crazy fun week participating in GISHWHES. I’d recommend it to anyone. This year’s hunt is coming up in August sometime. Follow @GISHWHES for updates.

My name is Maria Benjamin and I study communications at the University of Michigan. I enjoy social media, traveling, and playing with kittens. My favorite actor is Tom Hiddleston. Feel free to follow my tumblr or twitter @JanusAjax Thanks for reading my piece. Hope you have a nice day. Want to read more of my posts? Click here!


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