The Flash is going to be the latest superhero to have his own television show come this fall. While I was never really a comic book fan I love movies and television shows based on comic book superheroes. Not all movies based on comics are worth watching CW’s “The Flash” certainly is. It introduces us to a fairly prominent Superhero in the DC Comics and makes him a very approachable and interesting character to relate to.  Who would have thought that The Flash could be late? Or that his father was falsely convicted of murder?

CW’s “The Flash” tells the origin story of Barry Allen’s Flash. With the pilot we get to see Barry as a young boy with his family on the night of his mother’s murder.  We then fast forward to present day where the story takes place. Barry was taken in by family friends and is now a notoriously late CSI investigator and a total nerd.  He takes his close friend Iris West to  S.T.A.R labs’ unveiling a particle accelerator. The launch of the accelerator does not go as planned causing an explosion and freak storm. Barry is hit by lightning from the storm and is sent into a coma for nine months. When he eventually wakes up he discovers he can move at a super speed and is now “the fastest man alive.” He quickly discovers that he wasn’t the only person to receive special abilities thanks to the storm. While he chooses to use his ability to help others that is not the path that everyone takes.

The show has something for everyone with a mix of romance, murder, mystery, and old school comic lore. We get to see Barry unravel the mystery of his mother’s death, face evil villains, and try to win over the woman he loves. The show strikes a good balance between The Flash as a superhero and Barry Allen as the man who faces the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The series doesn’t forget its Comic book roots by hiding Easter eggs in this new universe. People who’ve never read a comic in their life can still follow and enjoy this new Flash. With any comic based series it will be interesting to see what will stay the same and what will diverge from the original comics. What villains will Barry face and what friends will he make in the up coming series? The  CW’s show “Arrow” and “The Flash” are both part of the same universe and watch out for cameos on either show, as the network has already brought the two together. Oliver McQueen and Barry Allen are already friends and it will be interesting to see if the two shows will have guest appearances regularly. Watch out for “The Flash” this coming fall. You won’t want to miss it.


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