Food is something that comforts the soul. I believe good food goes further than great recipes, using the perfect amount of seasoning and making sure the oven is on the correct temperature. Even though those steps are crucial — to me, the most important ingredient is love.  In the inner city of Detroit, Vicki’s Barbecue and Shrimp is a small hole-in-the-wall carry out place that has left a huge impact on the surrounding community.

Located at 3845 W. Warren Ave. in Detroit, Vicki’s Barbecue and Shrimp has been around more than 50 years. Founded in 1960, Vicki’s menu is still going strong with its famous ribs and chicken grilled over an open pit or smoked to perfection right in front of your eyes.

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Vicki’s Barbecue has been a part of my family for two generations. My mother grew up eating it and so have I. Some of the staff watched me grow from a little girl to a college graduate.

Once you push open that old wooden door you instantly see smiling faces, hear nothing but warm welcomes, timeless music and plenty of laughter. Selecting from the menu can be a bit challenging, however there is no wrong decision.

First choose your meat, chicken, ribs or shrimp. Then pick the sauce that you want: hot or mild. Last, order your side dishes choosing from cold slaw, baked beans and steak fries.

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To produce great barbecue, the meat and the sauce are essential and Vicki’s barbecue is notorious for both. The sauces are legendary and are even better covered on steak fries, scooped up with the shrimp or smothered on the bread.

When I first started eating Vicki’s as a little girl my favorite dish was the chicken covered in the mild sauce with a side of steak fries. As I’ve grown, things have slightly changed.  My favorite dish is now a small end of ribs covered in mild sauce along with steak fries.

Vicki’s Barbecue and Shrimp is a place where you become a lifelong customer. The meat is tender, the sauce is legendary and the sides are mouthwatering. Everything is finger-licking good. There’s no need for a napkin.

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Sheridan Norfolk a Senior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Telecommunications with a focus in Radio/ Television. I am a CBS62/CW50 intern. I love cooking and trying out new food. ” There is no sincerer love than the love of food” -George Bernard Shaw