Have you ever wanted to jump into a good book? How about a comic book? Well that’s exactly what the CW50 Street Team did at the 25th Anniversary Motor City Comic Con at the Novi Suburban Collection Showplace. This year’s event gathered comic book lovers from all ends of the earth and even galaxies far, far away. Not only were their millions of comic books and memorabilia for fans to collect, but fans could also partake in watching anime screenings, playing games, competing in cosplay contests and listening to speaker panels.

Fans dressed as their favorite characters lining the rows of over one hundred and fifteen memorabilia exhibitor stands. Pint-sized avid fan of CW50’s Arrow, Camille Patenaude, dressed as her favorite character Black Canary. When asked how long it took to create her costume Camille said, “it took me two days to create my costume.”

Over 250 comic book creators, writers, artist and stars were also present at the event. The CW50 Street Team even ran into one of the real Arrow stars, Katie Cassidy, who was at the event talking to fans giving them the inside scoop of what’s to come on the new season of Arrow.

The CW50 Street Team met so many amazing and unique super heroes and comic book lovers at the 25th anniversary Motor City Comic Con that they cannot wait to see what unveils for next year’s edition!

Wanna watch other videos from the CW50 Street Team? Click here!


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