The CW50 Street Team searched high and low while springing into Belle Isle at the first ever Road Rally. Families from all over Metro Detroit hunted, gathered, and learned about the history of the Island park at this wonderful event. Starting at Home base, Dorrison Museum, participants of the rally picked up four packets of clues. These clues would take them all over the island, learning a little more with each step of the way.

“We have tons of family friendly activities”, exclaims Chief Curatorial Officer of the Historical society Department Tobi Voigt. These activities ranged from arts and crafts, informational packets, to feeding the wildlife at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo.

The CW50 Street Team didn’t hesitate to get in on the action. Picking up they’re clue packets, they jumped right into full throttle. Team member Krystle Anderson drove all over the park in hopes of locating the next attraction and clue, while Jen navigated. Megg scanned the horizons to get a sneak peek at what attractions lie ahead. First time visitors and island regulars all came out to enjoy this event. Not only was it fun and family friendly, it showcased Belle Isle in an awesome light that not too many people are aware of. CW50 Street Team is joyful that they got to be apart of this event on such a beautiful spring day, and hopes to continue to share in this event for years to come.

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