Metro Times Blowout kicks off tonight at the Majestic Complex, and this week’s Detroit Proud Playlist is back with a list of bands and artists that are straight from the 17th annual Metro Times Blowout line-up! Did you know Blowout once featured Detroit superstars Eminem and The White Stripes?  We mean, really, is there a better way to get in the spirit of one of Metro Detroit’s biggest music festivals than to preview a few of performers right here?! We don’t think so.

Check these tracks out…and don’t miss the 2014 Metro Times Blowout, April 30th through May 3rd! Find more information here!

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Almost Free – “Nothing Left”

Almost Free


The members of Almost Free have been making music together since high school! With over 10 years of practice under their belt, they’ve become one of Detroit’s most celebrated bands. With three full-length albums recorded and new show dates announced all the time, it’s no wonder they’ve been asked to play Blowout again! Check them out here!

After Dark Amusement Park – “Take It Easy”

After Dark Amusement Park


Calling themselves “indie with a hint of beauty and a dash of glam,” After Dark Amusement Park has cultivated a sound that is all their own. Some tracks are rockier and heavy…then the next one leaves you with soft vocals and a whimsical glow. Check them out here!

Destroy This Place – “Absorb You”

Destroy This Place


After Detroit band Thunderbirds Are Now! ended their reign in the music scene, Ryan Allen went on to start the band Destroy This Place. A quirky and raucous indie rock band, Destroy This Place has made their name known in a short amount of time. Check them out here!

Jennifer Westwood – “Dishwater Blonde”

Jennifer Westwood


Jennifer Westwood grew up listening to Motor City Gospel, and her passion for singing was found through church choir. She’s performed on Emmy Award-winning commercials and now fronts her own original project, Jennifer Westwood Band. Check her out here!

Tunde Olaniran – “The Highway”

Tunde Olaniran


Tunde Olaniran is taking over Detroit – his experimental hip-hop style is new and exciting. He incorporates electro and rap to create an impressively unique sound. It’s fun and danceable, and we’re ready to hear it in clubs around town. Check him out!

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Touch The Clouds – “New End Anthology”

Touch The Clouds


A free-spirited indie rock band, Touch The Clouds are airy and light-hearted with catchy guitar riffs and harmonizing vocals. Though, don’t let that fool you, they can rock, too. Check them out here!

Porchsleeper –“Bulletproof”



Porchsleeper hasn’t been heard much around these parts since about 2008, so we were shocked to see them on the lineup for Blowout. We’re excited to see what they have in store for the audience, as their live shows in the past were nothing but exciting and engaging. Check out the song “Bulletproof” here!

The Blueflowers – “I Might”

The Blueflowers


A husband and wife duo, The Blueflowers started their musical journey in 2004 but it wasn’t until 2008 when they broke into the Detroit music scene. An Americana and indie-folk rock sound, their music captivates a time of love and romance. Check them out here!

The Hard Lessons – “Sit And Argue”

The Hard Lessons


Having just released their newest album, Start What You Finished, this past January, The Hard Lessons now have four full-length releases in their name. Their sound is youthful and vibrant, with roaring guitar and catchy lyrics, and their live shows are not to be missed. Check them out here!

James Linck – “Old High New Kind”

A singer, songwriter, and music producer, James Linck takes a minimalist approach to electronic-pop. His music is filled with soul, heart, and emotion. His voice is silky smooth and layers perfectly over beat-driven melodies. Check him out here!

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So there you have it, Detroit Proud music fans, an inside look at some folks from this year’s Metro Times Blowout line-up. Don’t miss them (and others) at the 17th annual Metro Times Blowout, April 30th through May 3rd!