This doesn’t sound ominous at all. You’ve gotta love the “whacked-out, glitchy video, distorted sound mall employee training video.” It’s a sci-fi staple. This one on “The 100” is just as unsettling as a message from the Dharma initiative from “Lost”.

“We can all live comfortably on the Ark by obeying a few simple rules.” Released by The CW’s YouTube channel, the public service announcement (PSA) envisions the message from the powers that be on the Ark. Obviously preserving resources is the priority including limiting procreation to one child per family as well as minimal water and oxygen allowances. Sounds like a good time right?

The Ark is a lifeboat meant to preserve the human race. Fans of the new hit show “The 100” understand that it’s not an idyllic place for Earth’s survivors to live. Not adhering to the codes isn’t tolerated. “More severe consequences” for adults is a nice way of saying “shoved into an airlock without a space suit.

Enjoy your stay on the Ark!

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