Spring is (finally) here, and what does that mean? Well, in terms of music, that means festival season has officially begun! One of Detroit’s most celebrated festivals, Metro Times Blowout, is in its 17th year. Blowout, known by many of you Detroit music fans, features music from primarily Detroit-area artists, over three days in local venues throughout Metro Detroit. That’s most certainly a Detroit Proud tradition we’re proud to support!

This year, the festival will take place April 30th through May 3rd, and for the first time, be split between Hamtramck, Detroit, and Ferndale! As the countdown to Blowout Kick-off approaches, we thought we’d shine a light on some of the talented musicians scheduled to play this year!

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Check ’em out! And don’t miss this year’s Metro Times Blowout – find more information here!

Electric Six – “Dirty Ball”

Electric Six

(credit: electricsix.com)

A six-piece band from Detroit, Electric Six (quite fitting name, huh?), are often described as a rock band with elements of garage, disco, punk, new wave, and metal within their sound. They’ve released over 9 full-length albums and are not headed toward stopping anytime soon. Check them out here!

ALEXIS – “Don’t Walk Away”


(credit: musicofalexis.com)

The synth-pop duo, ALEXIS, made up of Matthew Forbush and Dan Hurst, are quickly making their unique sound popular all around the Midwest. Currently on tour, including a performance at Metro Times Blowout, ALEXIS captivates audiences with their infectious dance pop. Check them out here!

Beekeepers – “What I Am”


(credit: bzzbzbzzzbzz.bandcamp.com)

Beekeepers is, as the band describes: a combination of “bee” – a symbol of something “heavy,” as in a sound – and “keepers” – light, appealing, and versatile…an object that can be used freely in the imagination. They’re an eccentric, progressive rock band, and they’re worth noting. They also claimed the title of #1 Adult Contemporary group in 2012 by the Detroit  Music Awards. Check them out here!

Corktown Popes – “I’m Not Lucky”

Corktown Popes

(credit: corktownpopes.com)

Nominated for not one – but three – Detroit Music Awards this year, Corktown Popes play something familiar, yet exquisitely unique. They play music for people who want to feel good, fast. They’re often described as a celtic-rock band, and jokingly call it Mo-Celt. Check them out here!

Junk Food Junkies – “Whatever”

Junk Food Junkies

(credit: soundcloud.com/junk-food-junkies)

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With various song titles of “Burger King,” “Yo Quiero Taco Bell,” and “Tuff Cookies,” it’s no wonder this band calls themselves the Junk Food Junkies. Unlike the feeling of indulging in too many sweet treats, however, binging on an afternoon of listening to Junk Food Junkies won’t leave you with a stomach-ache. In fact, we recommend it. Check them out here!

Lord Scrummage – “We All Need Honey”

Lord Scrummage

(credit: lordscrummage.bandcamp.com)

An experimental, techno-pop band, Lord Scrummage takes the ordinary electronic-dance music to a new level by incorporating a psychedelic flair. It’s enough to make them stand apart from others within the scene. Check them out here!

Nine Years Away – “Charlie Murphy”

Nine Years Away

(credit: facebook.com)

Initially inspired by The White Stripes album White Blood Cells, Nine Years Away have been creating and sharing their love of music in Detroit for the past eight years. They play a raucous rock, and we’re excited to see them take stage at Blowout – check them out here!

Ronny Tibbs & The 305’s – “Any Trouble”

Ronny Tibbs & The 305's

(credit: ronnytibbs.bandcamp.com)

A former member of Detroit band The Satin Peaches, Ronny Tibbs is fronting a new project that boasts much to be excited about. Ronny Tibbs & The 305’s just released a full-length album, are scheduling more and more show dates, and, of course, are playing this year’s Blowout. Their sound is light and airy, a soft indie rock that resonates with a California beach lifestyle. Check them out here!

The Sound Logic – “I Got Ya”

The Sound Logic

(credit: thesoundlogic.bandcamp.com)

With a ‘60s and ‘70s blues-rock sound, The Sound Logic masters individuality by blending in garage and punk rock influences. There are fuzzed-out guitars, thumping beats, and gritty baritone vocals – what’s not to love? Check them out here!

Unlimited Head – “High Time For Sunlight”

Unlimted Head

(credit: unlimitedhead.bandcamp.com)

Immediately catchy, Unlimited Head is a side project from the members of Detroit band Warhorses. With guitar riffs sounding like they belong in an Aerosmith video, and dueling male-female vocals, Unlimited Head are turning heads (no pun intended) in the Detroit music scene. Check them out here!

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That’s it for this week – check back next week for a second installment of Metro Times Blowout artists…and don’t miss these artists (and MANY more!) live, April 30th through May 3rd at the 17th annual Metro Times Blowout!