By George Fox

Lay off my heartstrings Kristen Bell! This song gets me every time.

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Bell played Anna in the wildly popular Disney animated flick “Frozen”. In the video posted on YouTube Bell sings all three voices of Anna from young girl to teen to young woman. Her ability to voice the distinct ages believably and sing beautifully at the same time is impressive.

The gist of the song involves Anna trying to talk her sister Elsa into playing, but Elsa has a dangerous power and stays in her room to protect her sister. Elsa can’t control her power to create ice and snow. Elsa accidentally hurt Anna when they were young and their parents separated them. Anna consistently asks her sister to play for years, but Elsa always stays in her room.

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Yeah, it’s sad. I know. *sniff*

Bell was born and raised in Michigan and went to Huntington Woods High.

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