How many seats in Comeria Park? Well our CW50 Street Team went to go find some diehard fans to answer that question at the 2014 Tigers Opening Day Block Party. We found out it was 41,782 and now a bit more Tigers fans know this fun fact as well.

At the 97.1 The Ticket Block Party, Tigers fans showed us their best roar. All of our CBS Radio Station affiliates were present showing their support for all things Tigers. CBS’s Meteorologist Jim Madaus said, “I love the Tigers and baseball for two reasons, it’s the end of March and it probably won’t snow anymore!”

Most fans partook in the festivities with harmless hot dog eating and games of catch. Even Tigers fans that could not physically be there were still there in spirit. Fan Norm Soloman held up a picture of his son Stewart and explained that “my son could not be here… so we brought him to join the festivities.”

The CW50 Street Team even ran into some fans dressed up as real actual Tigers! But, do not worry; none of the members were harmed, as far as we know.

At the end of the day with the bases fully loaded, the Tigers Opening Day Block Party hit the home run to kick off the 2014 season for fans and all involved!

Wanna watch other videos from the CW50 Street Team? Click here!


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