Welcome back, Detroit Proud music fans, to this week’s edition of the Detroit Proud Playlist. We’ve done something special this week, featuring only a set of songs from one album. Why only one album, you ask? Well, this isn’t your typical album – it’s 40 Detroit artists collaborating in 10 groups to make 10 original songs…all about Detroit. Needless to say, it has more than sparked our interest…

Each group is named after a Michigan sports team and includes members of various Detroit bands. Former member of the Detroit bands The Von Bondies and The Hounds Below, Jason Stollsteimer, was one of the collaborators on the album and we got to ask him a few questions about the project. He says that his good friend, Derek John, came to him with the idea, “The album was something Derek came up with to try and get a community project going, mix it up.”

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The project features artists from some of Detroit’s best bands – most of which you’ve heard, right here on the Detroit Proud weekly playlist – including Odd Hours, The Summer Pledge, The HandGrenades, George Morris and The Gypsy Chorus, Lettercamp, Jason Stollsteimer’s new band PONYSHOW, and more!

So, to get things started…


(credit: detroitthealbum.com)

Neon Safari – “Smell Like Honey”
Neo Safari is made up of Natasha Beste, John Dion, and Dustin Mclaughlin. With sharp vocals by Natasha from Odd Hours, this up-beat, electric, danceable track sounds just like Spring. It’s captivating and invigorating – a joyful ride.

Football Club – “One Night Stand”
Sarah Sadovsky, Chad Thompson, Pan!c, Derek John (the creator of DETROIT theAlbum), Matt Laanno, and Thelmer make up Football Club. This track is instantly catchy, with ‘70s pop-flair and electric beats that layer underneath soft and harmonizing vocals.

Red Belles – “Cure All”
Red Belles features John Morgan, Zach Shipps, Mister, Liz Wittman, and Ricky Ruggero. This track starts off with angst-ridden lyrics in the spirit of a rock anthem, but quickly turns into a spoken-word rap as the music winds down.

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Spirits – “About You”
Spirits is duo Arynn Titus and Carlton Taylor. “About You” is a slower number with an almost sparkle surrounding it, though there’s an underlying melancholy that takes over as the song progresses. It’s filled with melodic keys and paired vocal harmonies.

Loons – “Things We Could Have Had”
Starting off with wailing horns, “Things We Could Have Had” is a more jazz-inspired track. Loons’ Gregory Beyer, Steve Lehane, John Ralee, Taylor Pearson, and Steve Stetson come together to make a salty-sweet song that’s easy to sway to.

Zephyr – “A Michigan Winter”
Cheyenne Goff Steven and Ignatius Biondo make the group Zephyr. Their track, “A Michigan Winter,” starts off with a climbing electronic bass – as if it were going to explode into a high-energy dance number – but it quickly moves dark and incorporates heavy vocals – making an accurate description of a Michigan winter.

Stags – “Cut My Line”
Stags is Jason Stollsteimer, Derek John, and Aren Willingham. This track is the most rock-inspired off the album, blending guitar together with electronic beats and rhythms to make an explosive wave of sound. Stollsteimer’s vocals pair perfectly with the music, giving the song a British-rock feel.

Arsenal – “Perennial Love”
Ronny Tibbs Wiese, Zoz, Molly Jean, Tom Mihalis, and Jesse Shepherd-Bates teamed up to create Arsenal and the track “Perennial Love.” Jumping right into a catchy beat, this song is filled with energy and delicate harmonies…very reminiscent of early Beatles.

Pet Tiger – “Umm…”
Pet Tiger is comprised of George Morris, Frank Howard Woodman IV, and Leann Elizabeth Banks. Immediately recognizable from George Morris’ iconic voice, the song follows a simple, building backbeat and driving guitars, making it easy to want to move to.

Royals – “Blood On The Wall”
Royals is: Mike Burridge, Courtney Spivak, and Tom Mihalis. The track is instantly interesting, pulling you in with an ominous and swanky rhythm. “Blood On The Wall” sounds like it’s from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s goth-glam rock era.

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You can hear each track here and on DETROIT The Album’s website!