We’ve decided now that the snow is *mostly* gone, it’s time to celebrate Spring – so get up and move! We’ve packed this week’s playlist full of all varieties of electronic musicians that will get you in the dancing (or running, if that’s your thing) spirit…and a few more mellow tracks for when you need a rest – after all, it’s been a long winter.

Get listening…

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ADULT – “Turn Your Back”


(credit: wikipedia.org)

From Detroit, ADULT mixes together their own creative twist on electronic music – incorporating vocals with drum machines, analog synths, and electronic and punk elements. They’ve accomplished heavy success here in their hometown as well as having quite a fan-following in the United Kingdom and Germany. Check them out here!

DASH Riot – “Radio 007”


(credit: facebook.com)

Motivated like no other, DASH Riot has been mixing music in his bedroom since he was just a teenager…only a few years later, he’s stepping his way on top of Detroit’s electronic dance scene. He used his connections within the Flint and Detroit music scene and started playing shows shortly after, dabbling in everything from dubstep to house to metalcore. Check him out here!

The Walking Beat – “Nighttime Sky”

The Walking Beat

(credit: thewalkingbeat.bandcamp.com)

The Walking Beat is hard to pin to only one genre of music…because they’re always changing it up – one track will take you back to the hard guitar-driven ‘70s rock and roll, and the next will be like stepping foot into a country western. The only consistency is the “Walking Beat” of the drums. Check them out here!

Carrie Shepard – “Love Letters”

Carrie Shepard

(credit: soundcloud.com/carrie-shepard)

With her serene and whimsical voice flowing easily over acoustic guitar melodies, Carrie Shepard is a Detroit artist not to be missed. And to think – she was a singer/songwriter who had been secretly writing music for years inside her bedroom – that is, until the day in 2008 when a friend encouraged her to perform live. From there, she’s been writing and releasing her music ever since (and we’re glad she is!). Check her out here!

Juan Atkins – “Sunlight”

Juan Atkins

(credit: wikipedia.org)

Detroit is known for its music…especially within the techno/electronic scene. Juan Atkins is widely considered the creator of techno music and he calls the “D” home. If you’re having trouble finding his music on the web, try looking for “Infiniti,” as he’s released many works under that stage name. Check him out here!

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DJ Godfather – “Boss of All Bosses”

DJ Godfather

(credit: soundcloud.com/djgodfather)

One of Detroit’s greatest DJs, DJ Godfather started DJing at the young age of 15. It was only a few months later that he and his turntables were playing in almost every nightclub and afterparty in Detroit. By age 17, he was producing his own music and is credited for the new genre of electronic music, “Ghetto Tech.” Check him out here!

Almost Free – “Stop Before You Start”

Almost Free

(credit: almostfreedet.com)

With three albums released, they’ve been on top of the Detroit music scene for over 10 years now. They blend together perfect harmonies, dancing guitar rhythm, and complimenting beats. They’ve been compared to Radiohead, Nirvana, and even the Pixies. Check them out here!

DogFingaz – “Ghost”


(credit: facebook.com)

Using only social media to get his name out there, local DJ DogFingaz has taken over in Detroit. He’s opened for many big-name artists and is constantly releasing new music. Electronic DJs come and go, but DogFingaz keeps his work inspired and unique…he’s here to stay. Check him out here!

Sugar Baron – “STFU Donnie”

Sugar Baron

(credit: facebook.com)

Electronic-dance rock music, Sugar Baron puts their own creative spin on typical electronic-dance music. They combine guitar, bass, drums, and a synth to create a resonating, wall of sound that is beat-driven to get you out of your seat and on your feet. We’re bummed that Sugar Baron has taken a “hiatus,” but we’re glad they’re music lives on online! Check them out here!

Shigeto – “No Better Time Than Now”


(credit: soundcloud.com/shigeto)

Growing up listening to old Motown and jazz from his father, Shigeto learned the drums at a very young age and from there, found his love of making music. He studied music in New York City and London, and today, is signed to Ghostly Records right here in Ann Arbor. Check him out here!

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