Happy St. Patty’s day, Detroit Proud music lovers! To kick off this week’s festivities (or to wrap up from the weekend’s shenanigans), we’ve created the perfect playlist that will make you look like an expert in what’s what around Detroit.

Take a look…

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Alexis – “On Into The Night”


(credit: musicofalexis.com)

With two magicians of music coming together to make symphonies of electronic bliss, Alexis captivates their audiences with smoky vocals over layers of sounds. They’re trance meets harmonized pop and it’s easy to get lost in the melodies. Check them out here!

Five Pound Snap – “Baying In The Morning”

Five Pound Snap

(credit: fivepoundsnap.bandcamp.com)

Five Pound Snap is an experimental, psychedelic-blues band. They have strong similarities to the early ‘90s grunge scene, but with a bluesy twist. Think Soundgarden meets Smashing Pumpkins. Check them out here!

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas – “Demons”

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

(credit: cougarradio.net)

Currently on a nationwide tour, Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas’ newest album Demons is exploding with soul, edge, and passion. She and the Deltas create a dark-pop sound, but to label their music with any one genre wouldn’t begin to cover it. Check them out here!

Flint Eastwood – “Can You Feel Me Now”

Flint Eastwood

(credit: flinteastwood.bandcamp.com)

Danceable and unbelievably catchy, Flint Eastwood are making sure their name is known. With snarling, White Stripes-inspired guitar riffs, spacey synths, and piercing vocals, they’ve already caught the hearts of many. Check them out here!

Jamaican Queens – “Water”

Jamaican Queens

(credit: jamaicanqueens.bandcamp.com)

With their infectious melodies and groovy beats, Jamaican Queens have stepped out in the Detroit music scene with a unique style of music. Encased with originality and spunk, tracks like “Water” and “Asleep At The Wheel” from their latest album will captivate your attention in ways others haven’t before. Check them out here!

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Passalacqua – “Tom and Bootsy”


(credit: tomandbootsy.com)

An experimental hip-hop duo, Passalacqua has already taken over Detroit and is now making their name known around the world. They infuse traditional hip-hop with funk roots for an inspired take on old-school hip-hop. Check them out here!

The Sound Logic – “Days Ago”

The Sound Logic

(credit: thesoundlogic.bandcamp.com)

With only two members, it’s shocking such a full sound can come from The Sound Logic. They incorporate ‘60s and ‘70s blues-rock with a modern twist on it – much like the resonating sounds of The Black Keys, but with more Detroit attitude. Check them out here!

Characteristics – “Gender Bender”


(credit: characteristics.bandcamp.com)

With a spacey-snare backing beat and layers of dancing synths, Characteristics take an interestingly unique spin on traditional electro-pop, blending it with a psychedelic flair. It’s danceable, but mellow; you can sway to the rhythm or dance to the beat. Check them out here!

Smash Your Enemies – “Struggle”

Smash Your Enemies

(credit: facebook.com)

A traditional hardcore rock band, complete with screaming vocals, Smash Your Enemies is currently working on a new full-length album, which is said to be due out early this year. They’re classic hardcore rockers, leading their previous Midwest tour with the slogan: “Destruction.” Check them out here!

The Summer Pledge – “Suspended By Sunbeams”

The Summer Pledge

(credit: thesummerpledge.bandcamp.com)

Masked with their own creative blend of mystery pop-rock, The Summer Pledge has since broken up, but their music lives on. The Summer Pledge are lyrical poets, with harmonies that mesh well over their energetic – yet peaceful – waves of melodies. Each note compliments the next, creating a sound that is completely their own. Check them out here!

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Do you have a favorite Detroit band that’s not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!