By George Fox

The Big Bang gang could get their very own Lego set if 10,000 fans support it. The project was submitted to the official crowd sourced idea submission site, Lego Cuusoo (pronouced KOO-soh). It’s pretty awesome. You’ve got to check it out.

They’ve got a pretty good chance considering that it was launched February 18 and already has nearly 6500 supporters.

According to user Alatariel, who submitted the concept, “It’s filled with geeky details accurate to the show including Sheldon’s board, the Green Lantern lantern, the Rubik’s cube tissue box, the DNA model …”

Help spread the word so Big Bang fans around the world can have their favorite geeky characters and setting realized in Lego form. We all want a chance to act out our favorite scenes. I’m guessing Sheldon would keep it mint in the box.

Isn’t that whiteboard adorable?

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